Sunday, June 05, 2005

The New Fall Tour

The New & Improved Tour

I need your help! I am planning a long tour for the Fall of 2005. I will going from Portland, Oregon across the northern part of the United States to Boston. From Boston I will drive down the Atlantic Coast and come back to Portland via the Southern States, to LA, and then back up to Portland.

The goal of this trip is to show my newest movie Kicking Bird, and expose as many people as possible to REAL independent filmmaking. Oh yeah, I need to make some money as well...

How can you help? Glad you asked.

I need to book as many dates as possible from September 16th through November 1st 2005. I will extend the trip if I get more bookings.

Below is a tentative list of cities I will be driving through on my tour. If you live in a town where I'll be passing through and you want to book me for either a screening, or a workshop, or even just dinner, then send me an email. My rates are incredibly reasonable.

I want to fill my schedule with colleges, universities, media art centers, art house theaters, or just interested film groups.

I will be driving cross country in my 1976 BMW 2002 with my dog Moses, a 125 lb Chocolate Lab. Does it get more independent than this...

I am also always on the lookout for good independent video stores that would be interested in buying my DVDs.

My TENTATIVE travel schedule is leaving Portland, OR on Sept 15th - -

Spokane, WA - - Missoula, MT - - Billings, MT - - Rapid City, SD - - Fort Collins, CO - - Denver, CO - - Omaha, NB - - Indianapolis, IN - - Cincinnati, OH - - Columbus, OH - - Cleveland, OH - - Pittsburgh, PA - - Harrisburg, PA - - Philadelphia, PA (or Northhampton) - - Boston, MA - - Providence, Hartford, or New Haven, CT - - Baltimore, MD - - Charlotte, NC - - Columbia, SC - - Atlanta, GA - - Montgomery, AL - - Birmingham, AL - - Nashville, TN - - Memphis, TN - - Little Rock, AK - - Fayetteville, AK (October 17th) - - Tulsa, OK - - Oklahoma City - - Wichita, KS - - Lawrence, KS - - Kansas City, KS - - St. Louis, MO - - Amarillo, TX - - El Paso, TX - - Tucson, AZ - - Phoenix, AZ - - San Diego, CA - - Los Angeles, CA - - San Francisco, CA - - Portland.

Send Me An E Mail and let me know how you can help. Bookings, lodgings, meals, DVD sales, or just a friendly face... If I'm missing out on a great town, or independent film scene, let me know. It all helps.

If you're interested I'll send you an attachment that outlines the workshops and screening programs that I have.

Briefly, the work shops include: Making the Extremely Low Budget Feature, The Personal Documentary, Sound Design for Independent Films, and Guerilla Marketing and Distribution.

Let me know what you all think.

Check out the web site and then write me at

PS. I'm going to be in Houston, Texas on July 29th doing a Sound Design Workshop for SWAMP.
(You can go to their website for details.) If you live in that area let me know and come to the workshop. Or, if you're close to Houston let me know and maybe we can put something together in your town...

Thanks for any help you can give me.



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