Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kelley's Fall Tour

The leaves are starting to turn, the air is getting crisper, the spider webs are multiplying, and gas prices are going up again. We all know what that means, it's time for the Angry Filmmaker's Fall Tour.

I believe that the future of Real Independent Film Distribution doesn't lie with so called "Indie" distributors in New York or LA, or those internet companies that give you distribution contract, put their name and logo on your movie and then expect you to promote it!

The future is Independent Filmmakers going around the country and showing their work wherever they can get an audience! In addition to colleges and media art centers, I have shown my films in bars, art galleries, private homes, and even a wine shop! We need to get our films out the same way the Punk Bands did in the 80's. DIY!

My Fall Tour is coming up and I have some holes in my schedule that I want to fill. Like any good touring band I don't increase my audience when I sit in a motel room watching TV. I want to see as many people as I can. My goal is 50 screenings or work shops in 60 days!

This tour starts in Washington, DC on September 20th at American University and doesn't stop until San Francisco City College the week of November 5th! I have bookings in West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona, and California. I will be driving thru Virginia, South Carolina, Iowa, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada.

If you are in any of those states and don't feel like you can afford my rates, Think again! Contact me and let's see what we can work out! It won't do any of us any good if I can't meet filmmakers, film students, and people interested in film.

Check out my site ( or drop me a note. Let's talk and get me booked.
Book Notes - - I want to thank everyone who has donated to my book so far. I am about $400 away from my target. So...

You can still go to my web page ( follow the book link, and make a donation there thru PayPal. If you want something for your money, you can purchase a DVD, or a T-shirt. For the next 30 days I will put everything I make off the web site towards the book.
Or we can do this like PBS. Anyone who donates $50 will get a signed copy of one of my movies (your choice), $75 gets you a T-shirt and a signed DVD, and $100 will get a signed copy of the book when it is available. (I wonder if Ken Burns does it this way.) I am going to add a page to the book with the names of all those responsible for helping me make my book possible.

I look forward to hearing from everybody. Moses and I will see you out on the road.



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