Monday, October 08, 2007

Screen writing software...

October 8th, 2007

I need to send out a shout to my buddy Chris Huntley, and tell him he was right. He assured me that if I started using Movie Magic Screenwriter 6, that I would be writing within 15 minutes. It is that easy he said.

So I tried it. Damn you Chris! This is a great program! I wasn't writing in 15 minutes, it was more like 20 minutes but I am slow when it comes to new programs, but I am finding this program so easy to navigate. What is up with that?

My big problem with script programs is having to learn new stuff just to write. I want a blank sheet and I just want to go. I have written my scripts on word processing programs for years, and then manually formatted them to read like screenplays. I have been doing that for so long that I don't even think about it. And I have always told people it doesn't matter what you write with, as long as you write. Find a program you are comfortable with and stick with it!

Well, I still feel that way, but I am sticking with Movie Magic Screenwriter 6. I am amazed and happy. I don't have to worry about formatting, it just does it. I am able to concentrate on the story and the characters, not which button I need to press so that I can center names on the page, or whatever.

I also put 2 of my older screenplays in and it reformatted them with no problems, or errors! The other great thing about Screenwriter 6 is that I can pull all sorts of breakdowns from my scripts. I used to have to go through manually and make prop lists and location lists, stuff like that. Not anymore.

This is a great program and they aren't paying me anything to say that. (They can if they want.) I am going to keep using the program.

If anyone out there is looking for a great script writing program, this is it!

Go to Check out all of their stuff. These guys are great. Thanks Chris! Hey, I am not as famous or as rich as the guys you have up on your web site talking about your software, but if you ever want a Real Independent Filmmaker's endorsement let me know. I am happy to do it!

You all need to check these guys out. Good luck to you.



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