Monday, December 24, 2007

A Holiday message from the Angry Filmmaker

I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and we'll talk about having an Angry New Year later!

I also want to set the record straight. I do all of my Christmas shopping on December 23rd and 24th, and I do this every year. I am sick and tired of all these so called news people referring to people like myself as procrastinators. We are not!

I can't stand crowds and self-righteous people who start shopping the day after Thanksgiving. These people are always bragging about how organized they are, and they get the best shopping deals, and they spend days doing their shopping. They spend days! And they fight crowds and get up at horrible hours in the morning to save a few bucks. They're idiots!

People like myself know what we want to get, and know where the best deals are by the time we head out. The stores are a lot less crowded because all of those other fatheads are done! We get really good deals because the retailers are convinced that they are going to have a bad year with tons of stuff left over, so they start cutting prices. And I will tell you this, it's a lot easier to get deals on the last day of shopping than it is on the first day of the season.

I also buy lots of used cool things, and mostly shop at my locally owned stores. I want to see my money stay in the community. It's not up to me to make sure our economy keeps running while I fall deeper and deeper in debt. I pay cash only. Let the rich people support our economy and give us poor workers and artists a break. We need it a hell of a lot more than the big corporations.

And remember this, Christmas never used to be about shopping and good deals. It used to be about something else. I just can't remember what that other reason is...




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