Saturday, June 18, 2005

Where were we...

June 1 - 17 2005
First off, I need to thank every one who has written to me so far. I really appreciate it. The Fall Tour is starting to shape up. I am sending lots of stuff out to various places. I will update you all is the tour schedule progresses. Keep sending me ideas and contacts, I do want to see as many people and teach as many workshops as possible. We need to keep making more real independent movies.
I got to tell you, this self distribution is a ton of work. There's always stuff to do. And it doesn't help any that I have no money for publicity, or promotion. So let's keep doing the word of mouth thing. Tell your friends about my site.
Have you noticed that the Studios are talking about how their box office is down consistently from last year. Do you think it has anything to do with the bad movies they're putting out. It looks like even Star Wars hasn't saved them...
By the way, since I'm still debugging my site and learning how to do stuff... I'm going to include my rants and raves in the journal section. It's easier for me, and probably easier for you all to navigate.
So here is a rant I wrote the week before Star Wars came out that never got posted.
So listen, I know the so-called "final Star Wars episode" comes out soon. Do me a favor, if you could all wait until the following week to go see it, that would be great! Don't let that opening weekend be big, ( I know I'm dreaming), but as an audience you all deserve better than what you're getting. I'm sure the FX will be great, and I'm sure you can count on the story and the dialog to suck! You can always rely on Lucas for great FX and bad story and dialog. Go see it in a week. Make them sweat a little bit. Lucas and the Studios are all planning on you to be lemmings and spend money opening weekend. If you want to see the movie, great! Just wait a week and see what happens. If they don't make a record amount of money that first weekend they'll consider the movie a flop. Let them worry a bit...
And does anyone really believe that this is the last episode? It's bullshit! George digs the money and the power and fame. He is saying that he wants to get back to making small movies again? He said the same shit after the first series. He wanted to make the Ranch a place where his friends and other filmmakers could come together in a community and make the movies they wanted. I gotta tell you something, Saul Zaentz and the people at the Saul Zaentz Film Center did more for independent filmmakers than Lucas ever will! Those people were the best! It's too bad that the place closed up. Cheers to you Saul and Friends. Piss on you George!
And anyway, what do we get with small movies by George? We got the 26 million dollar Tucker with Francis. He called it their little independent movie! Give me a fucking break! Lucas says all of the same crap when ever he wants to look like an artist. It's not working. You've made one really great movie George, AMERICAN GRAFFITI, and one really good one, the ORIGINAL Star Wars back in 1977. The rest of your out put is crap! Who can forget Howard the Duck? Or Willow? I don't know about you, but I sure wish I could.
So stay away from the "new" Star Wars episode when it opens. Wait a week. Go see a small independent movie opening weekend. No, not that other studio crap masquerading as an independent, a real independent movie, maybe made locally. Remember, if a movie has a star in it, then it's probably not a real independent, it's a "corporate independent".
Then go see the new Star Wars and see if it was worth it. Don't be a lemming....

I'll give you a new rave next time....


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