Monday, July 09, 2007

Book Info (Help me out here)

Hey Everybody,

I really need your help with my book.

As you know I am self-publishing and things are always more expensive than what was originally planned. I currently need to raise $1500.00. You can go to my web page, follow the book link, and make a donation there thru PayPal.

If you want something for your money, you can go to my web site and purchase a DVD, or a T- shirt. Between now and August 15th, I will put everything I make off of the web site towards the book.

If we want to do this like PBS, anyone who donates $50 will get a signed copy of one of my movies (your choice), $75 gets you a T-shirt and a signed DVD, and $100 will get a signed copy of the book when it is available.

I am going to be adding a page to the book with the names of all those responsible for helping me make my book possible. In Kicking Bird I had a special credit for all of the people who put up $100 or more. I called my supporters 49 People Who Should Really Know Better. Since I have already used 49 People..., I'll have to come up with something better.

Whatever you can do to help will be appreciated.

Thanks and I'll see you all out on the road.



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