Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Summer Tour Info

Hey Everybody,

I am heading out on a short summer tour. I have pasted the schedule at the end of this email.

For the first time, my daughter Fiona is going to be traveling with me. I have put her in charge of merchandise, so if you come see us, say hello to her. Not only will Fiona have her trusty cameras with her to document the trip, but she will also be writing her own comments on my blog as to how she thinks the tour is going. I am sure she will have an interesting perspective. We'll start posting later this week. Check it out at www.angryfilmmaker.com.

Fundraising on the book is going great! I am halfway to my goal of $1500. I want to thank the following people who have donated so far; Pam Studer, Harris Matarrazzo, Richard Moore, Alexis & Al Lee, Kim Blair, Earl Sutherland, Tim Maffia, Mary Bauer, David Fechtor, Jill Colburn, Paul Diener, Aric & Andrea Hornig, & Cathy Zeitlin.

You can donate three different ways. You can go to www.angryfilmmaker.com, follow the book link, and make a donation thru PayPal. You can purchase a DVD, or a T-shirt. (Between now and August 15th, I will put everything I make off the web site towards the book.) Or we can do this like PBS. Anyone who donates $50 will get a signed copy of one of my movies (your choice), $75 gets you a T-shirt and a signed DVD, and $100 will get a signed copy of the book when it is available. Thanks for helping out.

Here is our tour schedule.

July 25, - - Eureka, CA - - Accident Gallery @ 210 C Street
Making The Extremely Low Budget Movie Work Shop 3 - 6 PM
Kicking Bird Screening 7:30 PM
check out www.myspace.com/accidentgallery

Los Angeles Work Shop/Guest Lecture TBA

August 4th - - Houston, TX - - SWAMP - - Rice University Media Center
Making The Extremely Low Budget Movie Work Shop 10 AM - 2 PM
Screening TBA check out www.swamp.org

August 5th - - Bastrop, TX - - UPSTART, Inc - - Upstart Media Arts Center
Sound Design for Independent Movies Work Shop -- 10 AM - 4 PM
check out www.upstart.citymax.com

August 6th & 7th - - Austin, TX - - REEL WOMEN - - @ Austin Filmworks
August 6th - - Making The Extremely Low Budget Movie Work Shop 6 - 9 PM
August 7th - - Guerilla Marketing & Do It Yourself Distribution Work Shop 6:30 - 9:30 PM
check out www.reelwomen.org for more info.

August 8th - 10th - - Denton, TX
UFVA Conference at University of North Texas
I'll just be hanging out...

August 11th - - Dallas, TX - - REEL WOMEN - -
Workshop and site info TBA check out www.reelwomen.org for more info.

So drop by and say Hello. And don't forget to tell your friends where we'll be.

Talk later.




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