Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AF’s Tip of the Day

You too can become a true "Independent" filmmaker and show your films all over the world. Or you can be a sell out and go to Hollywood and make Police Academy 54. It makes no difference to me.

- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming soon)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not agree more, but what are indie filmmakers supposed to do? About a week I went to a screening of a film by Marquette Williams in Los Angeles. I saw a great independent film by a passionate and charismatic filmmaker that told an engaging story about child molestation and the social service system in a unique way. The film is a dark thriller focusing on a masked man who takes a family hostage. The reason I was there is because I work in development at a major studio. My boss who was with me decided to pass on the film. Stating it was not black enough, there were no stars and who wants to hear about this type of. For me it was an amazing film. I stated this fact and he scuffed me off. As a black woman I wonder how so many black films that make our men and women look bad get made. Honestly I know why because we will go see any film with our folks on the screen. But we need more directors like Marquette Williams that are making film about black people without telling the world what African-American culture is or is not. We much deeper than the entertainment products we sell at this time and point. We need diverse story lines and diverse points of view of our culture. Please support UNSPEAKABLE and other small films like this. Here are a few links I have found on the web.
UNSPEAKABLE on you tube:

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