Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Film Baby Joins Forces with the Angry Filmmaker

I am happy to announce that Film Baby ( has become a sponsor for my Fall Tour. Film Baby is an on-line DVD distributor and a company I have been impressed with for a long time, I am thrilled that they have signed on.

According to Jamie Chvotkin, “Film Baby is very excited to be supporting Kelley's tour and strongly believe in the message he preaches. It is rare for someone to be able to speak about the truths in the film business and give away some priceless information that every independent filmmaker needs to know.”

What does all this mean? In addition to my films being available through Film Baby, you will be able to read my blog entries, check out my tour progress, and submit a question to Ask The Angry Filmmaker. I will answer a couple of questions per week on various topics. This ought to be fun!

I encourage you all to sign up at Film Baby (it’s free) and check out the kind of films that they handle. If you have a film and you’re looking to get it out to a wider audience they offer a lot of good services. Are they going to sell thousands of copies of your movie while you sit at home doing nothing? Probably not. But if you’re willing to work with them they’ll help you get your movie out there and help maximize its potential. They have some really good people over there that’ve been doing this for awhile.

I am still looking for additional Tour Sponsors (even though the price of gas is going down a bit, this is still my biggest expense on the road), so if you are interested in sponsoring me, or sponsoring a single tour event please let me know. Drop me a line at

The booking of the Tour is going great! I start off in Baltimore on September 9th at Creative Alliance for a screening (and a workshop on September 10th). Then it’s off to the DC Shorts Film Festival (Sept. 11-14th), from there I will spend the next 2+ months doing workshops, screenings and guest lectures working my way back to the West Coast. You can check my site ( to keep track of my schedule.

As most of you already know, in addition to promoting my films I will also be promoting my new book, The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide: Making the Extreme No Budget Film. The Tour is filling up but I still have some open dates. If you want to book me drop me a note and I’ll happily come to your media art center, university, college, art house theater, independent bookstore or even your house for dinner.

I’ll let Jamie get the last word in here.

“If you are thinking about releasing a film, you would be remiss for not following Kelley's plan. Heeding Kelley's hard-won knowledge, you will find more doors will open for your film.”

As always,

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