Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm annoyed, not pissed!

Here is something that really annoys me. Why don't people you give your movies too ever respond? There are some people, like me who get so inundated with stuff from other filmmakers that we are constantly behind with our viewing.

And I admit I have a bunch of DVD's here that have fallen off my radar. I have forgotten about them. And I want to apoligize to the people out there who have sent me stuff and I haven't responded. I need to sit down and just do a marathon viewing one of these days, but you know what? My eyes get tired looking at screens all day. I know it's a lame ass excuse, but when I'm not working at my computor, I'm editing. By the end of the day I usually like to take a walk and read a book. My eyes don't want to look at another screen. So, I'm sorry. I will get to stuff, it just takes me awhile. In the mean time some of you have made new movies, had kids, sent them to college... I know, I'm bad. At least I'm sincere.

I'm talking about friends. They ask to see your stuff. You give it to them, and then you never hear anything. What is up with that! Give me a break! My world is not going to come crashing down if you don't like my work! I have been rejected by much more impressive people than you. At least would you give me the courtesy to acknowledge that you saw my work? Is that too much to ask. And if you don't like it, for God's sake, DON'T HANG ON TO IT! Send it back! Or give it to someone who might like it! Pass it around! Don't let it sit at your house for months or years and then throw it away! I make these things to be seen!

Plus, this stuff costs money! As filmmakers we raise the money to make our movies, we spend lots of our own time working on them, usually unpaid. So it's bad enough that you ask to see them for free! We love what we do, but this is also a business. And then you don't say anything and hang on to them!

Whether you like my work or not, at least show me the respect to either send it back, pass it on, or at least offer to pay us for it. I mean you buy other people's movies, right? Why are we less professional than other people? Because we're your friends? Give me a break. We deserve some respect.

Thank you.


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