Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire/AF Tip

Do people in New Hampshire have jobs? I am seeing them on television and they are in cafes, barbershops, and apparently constantly attending rallies and public meetings.

When do they have time to do all this? I may be self employed, but even I don't have as much free time as they seem to. Do you get paid to attend rallies in New Hampshire? Are there professions like cafe sitter, barber shop customer (maybe they just get their hair cut a lot), and town meeting participant? Or is it massive unemployment and no one has anything better to do?

As a working citizen in Oregon, all of these people in New Hampshire seem pretty fishy to me.

Maybe they are being paid by the two political parties, or better yet, the media is paying them to create this event. Make it seem like people actually care what goes on up there. Or maybe these "typical" people we see are clones, or robots, just like the candidates...

Here's your AF Tip of the Day.

If you have the money to pay a star, maybe you should invest that money instead. It's a lot less risky than making a movie. - - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming 2008)


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