Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sundance Part 2/AF Tip of the Day

Here is part two of the Sundance Questionnaire.

9) Are you interested in showing clips or a work-in-progress to audiences if we were to invite you to be a part of one of our Work-In-Progress screenings?

A. What is the purpose of the screenings? Is it so that people can give me their input, or is it to help raise money? Input I don't need.

10) Are you working with an editor or consulting editor? Who?

A. I spent 20 years as a picture editor, sound designer, and a supervising sound editor. When I need input I put together a small screening for my friends and colleagues in the business. I am a filmmaker; I put my stamp all over my films. It is the way I prefer it.

11) Are you working with a composer? Do you need a consultation with Peter Golub, the Director of the Sundance Film Music Program and a composer himself?

A. I know and work with lots of wonderful music people. No offense to Peter I know his reputation and his work. I prefer my own people.

12) What kind of editing system do you use for this project? What formats have you used for shooting?

A. I have been an Avid owner and user since the mid 90's, so that will probably be what I use, although I am teaching myself Final Cut Pro which is a nice bit of software. I have shot both beta cam and mini DV for this particular project.

13) How many versions do you anticipate making for your film? broadcast only? festival/theatrical only? classroom length? outreach modules?

A. Since I self-distribute all of my films, I will make a version I can show out on tour, probably a full hour, so I can do Q&A and show a selected short film or a piece of one of my earlier docs. I will do a broadcast version for a one hour slot (I think that's still around 52 minutes), and two versions for classrooms, one aimed at middle and high schools, the other at colleges and universities. That seems to be the best markets for my earlier work.

14) Where, geographically, will you be editing your film?

A. I do all of my editing at home in Portland, OR. (I have an Avid Express Pro, and FCP, as well as Pro Tools.) I used to mix my features in Berkeley at the Saul Zaentz Film Center, now I am currently looking for another mix facility that'll give me a good deal.

15) Where are you in your fundraising process?

A. I am always on the lookout for funds. I have a proposal that is out at a few small foundations. It made the finals a few times over at ITVS but I haven't re-submitted it in awhile. I will be looking at another round of foundations to send it to in a few weeks.

Part 3 will be posted tomorrow…

And now, your AF Tip of the Day.

I can usually find a theater that will let me sneak in and play back my mix, so I can hear how it sounds in a big room.
- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming in Spring 2008)


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