Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The AF Work Shop DVDs are here!

My computer has been down the last 2 days, bad timing as I am hitting the road in a few days... Sorry this is late.

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Two of my Work Shops are now available on DVD. Making the Extreme No-Budget Film and Sound Design for Independent Films.

Making the Extreme No- Budget Film

In 2002 Kelley sent 100 letters to 100 Friends asking for $100 to fund Kicking Bird. He raised $6000 and shot for 18 days.

In this 2 ½ hour workshop Kelley will walk participants through the entire process from scripting through post production. Kelley will discuss writing with your budget in mind, how to get the most for very limited resources and asking the right questions to get free stuff.

“I am constantly being asked questions about the pre-production process. These questions lead me to believe that a lot of filmmakers don’t really understand the process, and how it can save them time and money while they’re making their film.”

Stuff happens during production that causes changes to the way you had planned to tell your story. Deal with it.

Sound Design for Independent Films

As the Sound Designer on Gus Van Sant's films, as well as animated features, network television specials and his own features, Kelley Baker has a unique approach to the Art of Sound Design. Whether you're working with a huge budget, or a non-existent one, sound is the one area of filmmaking that always gets little attention, until the very end. "We'll fix it in the mix..." is an often heard expression, but what does that mean?

As a sound designer it usually means you're in trouble. There's never enough money or time to do sound right. So what do you do?

Kelley will share his insights, and show you creative solutions to many sound problems.

One of the most important things in any movie is sound. And the most important sound? It's the dialog, stupid! If you can't hear or understand the dialog, then you're hosed. You've got nothing. It doesn't matter how pretty your pictures are, how good the acting is, what a terrific music score you have, or how clever you think you are. If you can't hear or understand the dialog, you've got NOTHING!

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Other stuff.
Internet Special!!!!

Check my Internet Specials page,

Right now you can pick up Kicking Bird and The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Sound Workbook for only $20 with no shipping and handling charges. That’s a $9 savings! Check this page every week and see what’s on special.

The Fall Tour is steaming along. I am excited to be promoting my new book, The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide: Making the Extreme No-Budget Film. The book will be out shortly and my tour kicks off on September 9th at Creative Alliance in Baltimore. Moses and I will be on the road for 2 months. There are still dates available so if you want to book me send me a note, And don’t forget to check out Film Baby (, and my other tour sponsors.

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