Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Father/Daughter Summer Tour #3

This one is getting posted early...


This is the Thanksgiving Special. I know it is August, but if they can have Christmas in July than I can have Thanksgiving in August. I hate turkey, but that's not the point.

Thank God for CDs. I will listen to the ones in the car as many times as I can until I am so sick of them I would prefer to sit in silence.

Thank God for Pop Tarts. When I wake up in the morning to get in the car, the last thing I want is to actually make something. That takes too long and I am far too lazy at 6am.

Thank God for rest stops. I do not pee in bushes on highways! I just don't.

Thank God for road signs in small towns. My dad and I need something to make fun of. And there's nothing funnier than driving down the road singing "Loganberry Fields Forever". Okay, so it's probably not that funny to you, but we were tired and thought it was hilarious.

So there we go. I also thank God for diet coke and car seats that push really really far back. Those things are good too. So on this long drive to Texas, I will be appreciating all of these wonderful things and hoping that we get there faster than we thought.


We are leaving really early tomorrow (Wed) to make it to El Paso on Wed night. We will be staying with an old friends Father who I haven't seen in probably 15 years. It should be fun. Then off to San Antonio and finally Houston.

I am looking forward to having the time with Fiona (even if it is driving across some really boring country); because I know that soon she won't want to be hanging out with her Father. I know I am lucky that she still thinks that what I do is cool. These are days I wouldn't trade for anything. It is going to be great listening to then CD's she has burned, and singing dumb songs based on signs we see along the way.

Okay, enough of the sentimental stuff! We are probably going to stop every couple hours so Moses can get out and pee. I am sure you all forgot that we have the dog with us didn't you? He is actually quite patient with all of this, but I do worry about him when we have to leave him in the van when it is hot. I have a small fan for air circulation, I leave windows open, and he always has plenty of water. I check on him a lot and take him out as much as possible. He has been on the road with me for quite a few years so I think he has adapted quite well.

I had a couple meetings in LA, and they always make me remember why I no longer live here. Everyone is your best friend until you walk out the door. They are all chasing that 3 picture dream and I think most people here think I am nuts. Why am I in Portland? How come I don't want to live here? Why don't I want a distribution deal? I know what LA is like, and it is seductive, absolutely! But the Emperor has no clothes! I have made 3 features in Portland and will be making a fourth soon. I am always looking for a GOOD distribution deal; I just haven't found one yet. You know the kind I want, where I make money... I do like traveling and meeting new people and showing them my films. I hope that other filmmakers get off their asses and start doing what I do, because the odds of a big deal are not in our favor. What is important is making yourself happy.

It is always good to see friends here, but I will feel good when LA is in my rear view mirror again. It is just the way it is. I know who I am and what I want, and it's not found in LA. It is where ever I am, and having my kid with me just makes things better. I am a really lucky Dad! But I am sure I have said that before.


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I enjoy your posts so much. Thank you for taking the time to tell us what it is like on the road with your Dad. He sounds hilarious.

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