Saturday, August 04, 2007

Father/Daughter Summer Tour #4

Saturday --


Long car rides aren't that bad. I slept all the way to Houston this morning. That was fun. I missed a good 3 hours of consciousness. And 3 hour car rides are substantially better than 10 hour car rides. Houston is humid. Not too hot, but really humid. It's supposed to be 93 degrees soon. I am not looking forward to that at all. I miss Portland weather already.


Welcome to Houston! It is hot, humid, and I feel like I have just walked in to a blast furnace.

It took us 3 days to get here. We hit a huge storm in New Mexico, the kind where it looked like a black wall in front of us. There was lots of lightning and thunder and the rain came down in sheets. We went under one underpass and there were half a dozen cars parked there trying to escape the rain. We were following another car and a semi. We were doing about 35 and had our four way flashers on. I am always amazed at being passed by other cars when we are going thru weather like that. I know I can't see anything, I don't see how anyone else can see any better.

We had a nice night with an old friend of mines Father and Brother in El Paso. I hadn't seen them in 25 years and they made us feel right at home. It was wonderful. Then we drove another 8 hours to San Antonio. We went thru quite a bit of rain, but nothing as bad as the previous day. Fiona got her wish and got to hang out with some horses.

I spoke on Friday to a group of high school students. One of them asked me if I was opinionated when it came to other people's movies. Before I could answer I saw Fiona trying hard not to laugh. I guess I am opinionated. I was also asked what movies I have seen recently that I really liked. It was a bad time to draw a blank. I couldn't think of anything.

On Saturday we had a good group for my work shop and also for my screening in the evening. The work shop was sponsored by SWAMP and the screening was co-sponsored by SPAMMO and SWAMP. I met a lot of nice folks and interested filmmakers. We screened some of my short films and I must say they seem to be aging well, but I still can't watch most of them. All I see are mistakes.

We are heading out early in the morning for Bastrop.


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