Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Father/Daughter Summer Tour #6


Austin. Officially the coolest place in Texas. Sorry other people who live in Texas but not Austin. I love the atmosphere! The weather is not so good right now though. I don't want to leave tomorrow, but I can't take the heat. I'm such a Portland girl. I want it to rain so badly. Now that's just plain weird. I'm listening to a lot of music. It helps my mood toward the heat. Music helps everything!!! I kind of miss home, but this trip is still fun. We're still laughing and commenting on everything we see. My dad is still in a good mood too, which is defiantly a good thing.


Austin is done! I did my last work shop for Reel Women last night. I really like Austin but I need to say this about last night... We had five people who signed up for the work shop last night who didn't show up. That's bull shit! We held off starting the work shop for 15 minutes in case those people got stuck in traffic or something. They never showed! That was unfair to the rest of the work shop participants, to Reel Women, and to me! If you are not going to show up then cancel! We were expecting you! I have the names of those five people and as far as I am concerned, they're amateurs! Fuck em! We had a good work shop anyway. The people who did show up got a lot of good information.

I want to thank Sherry Mills and Reel Women for being such good hosts. Carolyn Banks from UPSTART in Bastrop drove up last night with one of the people that works with her, they were both interested in the work shop. Both of these groups are class organizations as far as I am concerned, I'll come back anytime.

Today we head up to Denton and the UFVA Conference. I am looking forward to that, and to meeting a lot of people. I have never been to a conference like this, so I don't know what to expect. I am getting a little tired of the hot weather. It is starting to feel really oppressive. It also is making me really tired during the day. I am looking forward to a little less heat and humidity.

I want to thank the people who are continuing to donate to my book. I am getting really close to my goal. For those of you who haven't donated yet, here is the deal...

The Angry Filmmaker's Survival Guide seeks to restore order to this once venerable filmmaking arena by providing young, new and even old-hand, jaded and bitter filmmakers with a practical guide to independent filmmaking. In that I qualify as an "expert" by any acceptable or measurable standard, my book offers not only practical, step-by-step, easily accessible information about the craft, but it also offers plenty of attitude about the state of the world of independent film.

I am self-publishing the book, and I need to raise $1500.00. You can go to my web page ( follow the book link, and make a donation there thru PayPal.

If you want something for your money, you can go to my web site and purchase a DVD, or a T- shirt. Between now and August 15th, I will put everything I make off the web site towards the book.

Or we can do this like PBS. Anyone who donates $50 will get a signed copy of one of my movies (your choice), $75 gets you a T-shirt and a signed DVD, and $100 will get a signed copy of the book when it is available. (I wonder if Ken Burns does it this way.)

I am going to add a page to the book with the names of all those responsible for helping me make my book possible.

Only a few more days to go and then Fiona and I head home. Stay tuned…


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