Monday, August 06, 2007

Father/Daughter Summer Tour 5


Today I slept until 11 o clock and that is amazing for me. I have not had that opportunity since we left home. And even at home, the rule is no sleeping past 9:30. We're now in Austin. I haven't seen much of it since we came straight from a small town called Bastrop, but I already know I'll like it. Dad and I haven't killed each other yet, so you don't have to worry. I know that secretly people read the blog just to see if we're both still alive. Well good news or bad, we're still having fun.


Bastrop was great. UPSTART was the group that sponsored my work shop there. We had over a dozen people for the work shop and a few of them drove a couple hours to attend. I hope I said some good stuff so it was worth the drive. Bastrop is a historical town so we took a short tour after the work shop and it is a cool looking place. Main Street has the old buildings that make you feel like you are in a different era. Small Texas towns like this remind me of the movie, The Last Picture Show. Bastrop has that feel of another time. Until you see the guys with their shaved heads and Harley t-shirts of course.

We are in Austin. I love this town. We are staying with my friends Sherry and David, (Sherry Mills is the Executive Director of Reel Women in Austin). I just slept for 9 hours. I think I needed it. Fiona and Moses are still a sleep. These road trips have a way of wearing you out. This is also one of the first days that we haven't had to be up really early to hit the road. The rest feels good.

We have two work shops here tonight and tomorrow night for Reel Women and then it is off to Denton and the UFVA conference for a couple days. We have done okay financially, but I really need these next two days to be good. Gas is still expensive and we have a 2000 mile drive when we finish up on Friday night. I know Fiona is not looking forward to the long drive home but we'll be getting her some more books for the drive and I know she'll sleep for a lot of it. I think she has been surprised at how comfortable the van is.

So today we are going to cruise around Austin and see the sights, and we are getting fish tacos. There is a place down here that makes the best.

I feel way behind in my correspondences and my booking. It is always hard to keep up with things when I am on the road. Too many things to do, and I am really tired by the end of the day.

Talk later.


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