Sunday, October 26, 2008

Road Weary....

October 26, 2008

Hey Everybody,

My laptop is still Dead (it appears to be terminal) but I am alive and well and still on the road. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks my down time has been non-existent!

The tour is going well, but I am exhausted! What little time off I am getting I am driving, and in some cases I drive 300 – 400 miles in a day do a work shop that night and get up in the morning and do it again.

I want to apologize to the folks in Dubuque, IA last week. I was so tired that I did the wrong work shop and no one corrected me. I didn’t even realize I did the wrong work shop until someone gave me a couple of extra posters from the event for my collection. I took one look at the poster and realized that I had been talking for 3 hours on the wrong subject. When I talked to one of the organizers to apologize, he said he realized about 10 minutes in that I was talking about the wrong things, but I was on such a roll and the audience was with me so he just let it go. I feel like a real moron!

If you have a poster from the workshop in Dubuque, IA hang on to it! It should become a collector’s item.

The audiences have been great! In addition to the college and university classes (who have to attend), I am averaging between 35 and 50 people per work shop. I am grateful for such a great turnout.

I have been lucky enough to be involved with a few groups that are relatively new and are working hard to try to create film communities in their towns and cities. I want to do a shout out to, Jim Carrier and The Wisconsin Film School, The Nebraska Film Group, Joe Shermann in Dubuque, and FAME in St. Joseph, MO, for organizing the events and tirelessly working to get a great turnout for me. These people work damn hard and I really want to see them succeed and create film communities. I am looking forward to coming back to each of your groups next year.

That is what has been nice for me to see on this tour, people trying to create communities and realizing that they can make movies where they live. They don’t have to be in LA or NY. I think we are going to be seeing some interesting work coming out of these places in the near future.

I have two more weeks before I get home, and my own bed is sounding pretty good right now. I have been lucky with the weather not being too bad; I hope my luck holds for the next couple weeks.

I want to thank everyone who has dropped me a note wondering why I haven’t blogged the last two weeks. I assure you all that I am okay and I appreciate your concern. I will blog next weekend, and have something new and film-related for the following week. And to Jim over in Omaha, I know you miss my rants; I’ll see what I can come up with for next week.

Yes, I am thrilled that gas prices are going down, but no, I don’t trust those oil company bastards to keep them down. They are already looking for excuses and reasons to try and raise them again. By the way, does anyone else get 20% worse fuel mileage when they use ethanol? When I use it I get NO performance, and bad mileage. Don’t we subsidize that stuff too?

Don’t forget to go out and VOTE!

Other stuff…

I had a great time at the Father/Daughter Dance. It was great to spend quality time with my daughter. Missing her is the toughest part of being out on tour.

Film Baby ( is a sponsor on this tour. If you haven’t checked out their site and their services, you need to do it. They are a great group of people dedicated to helping you get your films out. Also check out my other sponsors, Pollard Design (, Zoom Studio (, The Indy Film Co-op ( and Cheezy Flicks ( All great people and great companies.

The first two Workshop DVDs are up on my site,, (and Film Baby’s) and they are ready to fly off the shelves. They are selling pretty well out here on the road. Also check my site for my Internet Specials.

It’s time to hit the road again.

Talk later.



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