Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide is Finally Ready!!!

Well, almost…

I just finished the final rounds of proofs and it looks great. I am told it will officially be available very soon. Is it any good? Listen to these people…

“When it comes to independent filmmaking Kelley Baker is the real thing. His experience, observations and practical advice reveals the raw truth about an important art form that has been hijacked, over-romanticized and betrayed by everyone from the mainstream media to its very own champions. This book is about real filmmaking.”
Brian Johnson
Author, Screenwriter, and Director

We are taking orders for the book now ($16.95 + $3 S&H) and it will be shipped when it becomes available. For those of you who Pre-Order your copies, you will receive a signed copy when the book ships. (

"Like any good survivalist, Kelley Baker doesn't beat around the bush … His 12 chapter Survival Guide is a compact, no-holds-barred 12-step program to creating what Baker calls "The Extreme No-Budget Film." Baker is on fire about making films. You will be too after reading this brutally honest compilation of personal stories and practical advice from the front lines of independent filmmaking."
Morrie Warshawski
Consultant and Author (Shaking the Money Tree: The Art of Getting Grants and Donations for Film and Video - 3rd Edition)


I am the poster boy for bad decision making in the Independent Film world!

I have made eight short films, three features and a couple of documentaries, along with a ton of corporate videos, and commercials. I have whored myself on other people's movies for the last 20+ years. There are certain truths I have learned, and certain things and people I shouldn't have listened to. I have messed up my life financially, emotionally, and probably physically and it's all been for my love of movies. My movies.

"Angry or not, Kelley Baker knows his stuff, and he tells it all in this book that's part indie film war story, part instructional manual for true independents, and part furious rant. It's always entertaining, and it might just tick you off, but – most important – the advice contained within these pages will help you get your film made…
Chris Hansen
Writer and Director “The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah.”


Too many people finance their films on credit cards, and they go broke! Their films end up not getting a distributor and they're left paying 30% interest on a film that no one wants. Heed the words of noted financial consultant and former NBA player, Charles Barkley, "Credit cards exist to keep poor people poor."


Does that mean I've never funded something with credit cards? Yes! And I have lived to regret it.

"Kelley Baker is the genuine article, a skilled craftsman and a passionate artist who is committed to sharing his love of true and independent film to whoever is lucky enough to cross his path, he is to be listened to"
Bill Dever
Indie Producer, Founder of The Indy Film Co-op and fan of Kelley's
Dog Moses

So go to my website ( )
and Pre-Order your signed copy today.
$16.95 + $3 S&H

Whoa Pardner, don’t forget to buy a T-Shirt for Mom!


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