Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tour notes, Blood Curse & other book stuff

October 24, 2009

The tour is finally winding down… I am tired but feeling pretty good. I am in Pittsburgh on Sunday the 25th for a screening of Birddog and a workshop at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont (a suburb of Pittsburgh) this Sunday October 25th at 2:00 Pm (1449 Potomac Avenue). Stop by if you can.

I just finished Nic Brown's book Blood Curse. It was a terrific page turner about a Werewolf for hire. Great job Nic. Check it out at I really liked this book and ordinarily I don’t read these sorts of things.
The road has been good to Moses and I, we’ve done a lot of gigs, met a lot of people and sold a lot of books.

Here is a sample of a few things from my book The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Part One: Making The Extreme No Budget Film.

1. Knowing lots of people is sometimes better than money. When you have no money you need a lot of friends to get your movie done.
2. The best way to show respect to the people who supported you, worked with you, and believed in you is to finish the movie and make it the best movie possible.
3. Writing (and filmmaking) should be about passion! You write a script because you need to. You have to! You need to get this stuff out of your system!
4. The studio/distribution people will tell you that you need a star, don't believe them. They're lazy.
5. There seems to be this myth that if you're not actually shooting, then you are not making your movie.

The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Part One: Making The Extreme No Budget Film. It’s full of things to help you make your film. So why haven’t you bought it!

Go to my site, ( and buy it for a mere $16.95 + $3 S&H. You’ll feel better about yourself in the morning.

“You don’t need dear sweet Aunt Bea teaching you how to make movies. It’s a tough business, so you need a tough teacher. Kelley Baker, flamethrower, is what you need.”

William M. Akers
author of Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways To Make It Great
teaches screenwriting and filmmaking at Vanderbilt University
Lifetime Member of the Writers Guild

I would really appreciate it if the people who have purchased my book could go to and write a review. I could use a lot more. And please tell your friends about the book, but don’t let them buy it on Amazon, send them to my site. I make more money that way.

On to other stuff.

Don’t forget to check out my tour sponsors, Show Biz Software, (, Pollard Design (, Zoom Creates (, and Cheezy Flicks ( ). If you haven’t checked out their sites and their services, you better.

And I’m welcoming a new Sponsor, Film Slug, ( but more about them later…

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Talk later.


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