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July 3, 2009

If making a movie is just one of those things you think would be cool to do, then don't do anything. There are already enough posers and bad movies out there.
From The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide

That should be pretty self explanatory. If you are going to make a movie, do it because you have to make a movie. If you enjoy the process of making the movie, then do it. The odds are your movie won’t make you money or famous. You have to enjoy the ride and if you work hard enough and have a huge amount of luck, maybe you’ll get your investment back.

I encourage you all to read William Akers blog posts ( He’s a great writer who understands the business, especially the business of screen writing. He’s also funny as hell. You can buy his book off of his website, (

I have been re-watching early John Sayles movies and I have forgotten what a great story teller he is. He’s someone people should study. For writing not for editing, sorry John your films are too long, if it weren’t for the great writing you’d lose me.

Don’t forget to check out my book, The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide: Making the Extreme No Budget Film. It’s available on my site ( for a mere $16.95 + $3 S&H.

“Kelley's frank, truthful — and realistic — advice is borne from years as an industry insider who chose to turn outsider. Through the creation of his own films, projects he as worked on, and the hundreds of movies he encounters every year at festivals and events, gives Kelley a unique insight into the state of the modern independent film movement. The text might read as angry, but the knowledge is honest and altruistic.”

Jon Gann, Director, DC Shorts Film Festival

Check out the review of my Sound Design Workshop DVD at It’s a good one!

On to other stuff.

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