Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tips, Books & Other Stuff

January 26, 2010

Hey Everybody,

My daughter Fiona turns 18 today! Where did the time go? I still see clearly when I would put her up on my shoulders and we would run around the house playing the “duck” game. Happy Birthday Kid! I love you.

I just watched Confessions Of A Superhero, a great documentary about the people who dress up like super heroes on Hollywood Blvd and pose for pictures. I never realized these people were not hired by anyone, they are pan handling! It is great! Watching Batman get arrested is worth the price of admission. Check it out.

I'm going to put up a couple of Angry Filmmaker Tips for all of you.

Don't give up on your movies. If you believe in it, you will find some one else who believes in it too. It just might take a while.

If a couple of your characters (actors) are going to have a major fight with each other, give them time to get in to rhythm and character on the set before you demand that they emote their brains out.

I intentionally set my films in the winter in Oregon when the weather is totally predictable. It's gonna rain.

If you want to know, buy my book The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide at 20% off now through February 1st. Go to the website.

Check out Morrie Warshawski's website (http://www.warshawski.com/) he has written some great things.

Don't forget to hit http://www.yourscreenplaysucks.com/ William Akers site. His book is great!

Please ask your local libraries to purchase my book.

On most library websites there is a place to suggest books for purchase. Or just send an email. Here is the information they will need:

The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide: Making the Extreme No Budget Film
ISBN #: 1-4392-3273-3
Author: Kelley Baker

When asked for the publisher direct them to my website: www.angryfilmmaker.com
(The publisher is BookSurge but I make more money if they buy from me...)

Thank you!

I would really appreciate it if people who have purchased my book could go to Amazon.com and write a review. Please tell your friends about the book, but don’t let them buy it on Amazon, send them to my site.

On to other stuff.

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And I’m welcoming a new Sponsor, Film Slug, (www.filmslug.com) but more about them later…

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Talk later.



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