Saturday, October 01, 2005

Northampton Screening canceled...

Just a quick note. The screening at the Roxy Theatre in Northampton, PA on Oct 4th has been canceled, because of a scheduling problem. All of the other screenings in PA are still happening. I am going to reschedule the Roxy screening for next Spring. I hope this doesn't cause any one problems. Shit happens...

I am currently in Philadelphia where I'll be doing a work shop tomorrow and a screening on Monday. The trip is going okay. I am beat! I am not sleeping all that well, I think it is stress. This is a monster undertaking and those damn gas prices aren't helping my stress level either! I wish the oil companies would stop taking advantage of the recent weather to gouge us. Because you can't tell me with all of the profit they're making that they couldn't cut prices some to give us a little relief. That would be too much to ask!

I still have some openings in my schedule, (it looks like I'll be in Tulsa in late October, I love that town! I've got good friends there). So email me if you want me to come speak, screen Kicking Bird, buy me a beer (or a tank of gas), or cook me a meal! I've been away from home for 3 weeks so please be nice to me. Naa, don't be nice.

I do want to say thanks to all of the people who have put up with me so far. And my hat is off to Bob Bowman in Chicago. He is a guy who likes my work so he got me in touch with the faculty at Columbia College where I did a lecture for the film students, and he put together a screening at the Lake Theater in Oak Park as well. We even made some money! Bob, thank you so much, and if you ever quit your day job (architect) you could make quite a producer.

I also need to say that I have no idea who set the 8th floor theater on fire at Columbia but I hope it had nothing to do with my lecture! The down side is that the fire and the sprinklers destroyed some of the sound rooms and the editing rooms on other floors. I hope they catch the bastard who set the fire! That's not right. For all of you Columbia students, get creative and finish your movies in spite of what happened. My thoughts go out to the sound dept. As if sound doesn't get dumped on they have to rebuild their facilities. Good luck guys. I'd volunteer to help but the prospect of me with a soldering iron is just not a good idea.

I gotta run. Talk later. Kelley


Blogger T said...

Hey! I'm the asshole student at Columbia who asked why you haven't pursued distribution with Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores (I might have even refered to the Psycho remake as a job with the Devil)... But, we also joked about George Lucas ("The Dwarf"), so I'm hoping you haven't put any curses on me yet. I'm also John Rangel's student, so you can blame him for my shenanigans.

Thanks for your kind words about the fire. It was the freakiest thing. I still don't know what caused it, but, fear not, we have bounced back and the sound department has never been stronger.

Please come back to Columbia on your next tour. I will have a bucket of money for you when you return.

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