Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tour Update

The Angry Filmmaker's Fall Tour is half over. I am currently in Charleston, WV. I had a great lecture last night at the University. I am feeling good.

I want to thank Rob Kates in Philadelphia (with PIFVA), and Danny and Robin Boyd here in Charleston for putting me up and making the arrangements for me to come to both places. Also Greg and Chris at MadLab in Columbus for making me feel right at home. Thank you all.

And boy did we have a great screening in Lewisburg, PA. Freddi and Matt at Runner's Gazzette and Bill and Colin at Mya's Cafe really put together a nice screening. I also really dug the reviews in Runner's Gazzette. I think "Kicking Bird Kicks Butt" says it all. I'm looking forward to coming back there next Fall. Bill makes a mean "shot in the dark", black coffee with a shot of espresso. It kept me going when I was feeling tired.

The DVD's are selling well and the gas prices are still pissing me off. Thanks a lot George for all of your help with the economy.

The people I am meeting on the road have been great, except for that one old guy in Chicago who yelled at me for adding a gratuitous scene in Kicking Bird. If I thought it was gratuitous I wouldn't have included it! But thanks for yelling at me anyway. It's nice to hear the occaisional old dude getting pissed off. It makes me feel like I'm doing something.

I am cooling out here in Charleston for a couple of days and then it's back at it.

We'll talk later...


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