Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Tour Names...

I know a lot of you have been wondering what the new tour name is going to be. Well so are we, and we need your help.

Aaron, Gerry and I were sitting around the Angry Filmmaker’s world headquarters the other day. We were trying to come up with some names for the new Tour in 2006, since the IRS Tour has run it’s course. We came up with a bunch of ideas, and below are the best of what we came up with. (Hard to believe I know…).

So if anyone is listening, look at the Tour names and let us know what you think! Send me an email at angryfilminfo@aol.com and let me know your favorite. I’m not saying we’re going to choose that one, but you never know.

The Angry Filmmaker’s … 2006 Tour

-- “Frankly Sundance, I don’t give a Damn”
-- The 2006 "Screw Distribution! Let’s Tour!"
-- Anger to the People: The 2006 Pissed Off Tour
-- A man. A car. His dog. Some films: The 2006 Angry Filmmaker Tour
-- Beholding to No One Tour
-- Selling Out to No One: The 2006 Pissed Off Tour
-- The 2006 Grass Roots, Brass Knuckles Tour
-- Refuse to Compromise.
-- Angry in America Tour
-- Angry Filmmaking 101 Tour
-- The Angry Filmmaker’s Left at Albuquerque Tour 2006
-- The 2006 Let’s Get Angry Tour
-- Hi! I’m Angry! The 2006 Angry Filmmaker Tour
-- F. Hollywood
-- Eff Hollywood
-- The F@#* Hollywood Tour
-- It's 2006 and I'm still Angry Tour
-- Anger fuels the Soul Tour

So drop a line with your favorite. I need to name the tour by the end of the year…

Later. Kelley


Blogger The Sujewa said...

Here are my ideas Kelley:

- Angry Films For The People Tour
(thanks REM)

- The Road Rage 2006 Tour

- The Anger Loves Company tour

- The Love Me, Love My Anger 2006 Tour

Hope all that helps.


9:24 PM  

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