Friday, February 03, 2006

February 3rd Just Another Day

I am wiped out! I am booking like crazy for the Spring Tour, trying to keep everything together for my UK tour, (I leave on the 12th), and I am selling my house! What am I? Nuts!

It is a strange feeling having to leave your house a couple times a day so that strangers can come in and check out your stuff. I have come home to lights left on, closets open, coffee cups in my trash, and the creepiest one yet, the toilet seat was left up! I don't know whether I was more annoyed about that last one, or creeped out. How tough is it to put down the toilet seat IN A STRANGER'S HOUSE? I want to scream out, stay out of my stuff!

Now you are probably wondering why I am selling my house? So here's the deal. Regular readers will know that I have had tax problems the last few years, mostly concerning my feature, BIRDDOG. My Lawyer (and good friend) and I have been dealing with both the IRS and the Oregon Department of Revenue for years trying to make all of this work out. And I must say, overall the experience has been rather Kafkaesque. Dealing with new and different people all the time, negotiating deals, making payments, have deals denied, having to remake deals, new payments, the list goes on and on... But we are getting it done. Once my house sells I should be DEBT FREE! I am not sure what that's going to be like, but I am looking forward to it.

SIDEBAR. Once again I want to tell you all not to make a movie you can't afford to make! Don't go in to debt! And don't listen to other people in the Independent Film Community who say they're going to help you! The odds are they won't unless there is something in it for them! I don't want other filmmakers out there making the same mistakes I did. Don't go in to debt! On anything actually. Then the credit card companies and the banks own you.

Anyway, once my house sells, then look out. The plan is for Moses (my dog), and I to tour the US extensively. I know, I've said it before, but now I am putting my money (and my ass) where my mouth is. So I am hoping that all of you aspiring filmmakers, and anyone else, out there will help me. We'll talk more about that later. I need to go, another group is coming to my house in a few minutes so Moses and I have to leave for awhile...



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