Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I must be Famous...

Hey Everybody,

I apologize for sending two big emails out in a month, but this is really important!

Someone in the UK is selling some of my stuff on EBay! That's right, you can own some Kelley Baker memorabilia. And you know what that means... I must be Famous.

I have always told you that my films have done well in Europe, well here's proof.

Have you ever thought about owning some of me? It's almost Christmas, and wouldn't some Kelley Baker memorabilia be the perfect gift?

What are they selling you ask? A BIRDDOG press kit, that contains: "1 page film synopsis, 2 pages of press reprints on Kelley Baker, 2 page Kelley baker filmography, and 2 pages of production notes, together with a Square One business card, all housed in a nice folder."

And here is the best part. You can "Buy it now" for a mere $3.91. That's right, $3.91 to own a piece of history. (The postage from the UK will probably cost more than that...)

Click on this link and you can go right to it...

So for all those people who have always wanted a piece of me... Here's you chance. And quite a bargain too.

Have a Happy Holiday and don't forget to check me out on EBay, because... I must be Famous

Angrily yours,



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