Monday, August 07, 2006

Too Long at the Computer...

August 7, 2006

I am booking! And booking! AND BOOKING!!!

I have been sitting too long in front of my computer, but the Fall is slowly coming together. I hope all of this works.

I have also posted my trailers up on YouTube and so now you all need to send every one you know over there to check them out Do a search for theangryfilmmaker. You could've guessed that one.

I have tried for weeks to get them up on to my MySpace account. They just aren't loading. Frustrating.

If you do find yourself on MySpace check out my page. (\theangryfilmmaker) I kinda like MySpace. It's fun. I also now count Robert Rodriguez, Jon Stewart, Dave Atell, and David Lynch among my friends. I wonder if any of them truly have an account...

Anyway, tell everyone you know to check out my trailers, and to help me with bookings for the fall Tour.

Talk later.



Blogger SlowMotionRiot said...

Hey man, if you can stick around in Baltimore long enough to grab a bite to eat after your screening, I'll take you to Valentino's. Moses can have the leftovers.

--Steve at the HAC

7:09 PM  

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