Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Angry Filmmaker gets interviewed...

Look out!

The Independent Filmmaker's Alliance just did an interview with me. It's in their most recent newsletter. Check it out at

I actually sound like I know what I am talking about! So please pass this link around to your friends and colleagues.

I have a couple of other things coming up soon. I'll let you know about those next time.

I am still in the midst of booking the Fall Tour. I start in Baltimore, MD on Sunday September 17th, judging the 48 Hour Film Festival at Creative Alliance. Then it's 7 weeks on the road ending in San Francisco, CA on November 12th, with a work shop for Film Arts Foundation. And on Tuesday November 14th I am doing a guest lecture at San Francisco City College. Then Moses and I get to come home.

I still have some dates available on the tour. If you're interested contact me. I will be continuing to post the tour itinerary on my web site.

Check it out and if I am going to be in your neighborhood please stop by.

Talk later.



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