Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Weekend with the Angry Filmmaker

January 20th and 21st, at the Hollywood Theatre

Film Action Oregon is pleased to welcome independent filmmaker Kelley Baker as he presents two of his most popular workshops at the Hollywood Theatre.

Kelley is known for his work as the sound designer on six of Gus Van Sant's feature films including, MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, GOOD WILL HUNTING, and FINDING FORRESTER and he designed the sound on Todd Haynes FAR FROM HEAVEN. He has directed three low budget features (BIRDDOG, THE GAS CAFÉ and KICKING BIRD) and 8 award-winning short films.

On Saturday, January 20th he will teach "Making the Extremely Low Budget Movie" followed by a screening of his "extremely low budget movie" KICKING BIRD. The workshop will take place from 1pm-4pm, with the screening of KICKING BIRD at 5pm.

The cost for enrollment in the workshop is $40 and includes admission to the film. Visit to enroll now.

On Sunday he will do the workshop "Guerilla Marketing & Self-Distribution of Your Film" with a rare 35mm screening of his film BIRDDOG. The workshop will take place from 1pm-4pm, with the screening of BIRDDOG at 5pm. The cost for enrollment in the workshop is $40 and includes admission to the film. Visit to enroll now.

You can save some money and enroll in both workshops for just $70. Visit to enroll now.

Making the Extremely Low Budget Feature
In 2000 Kelley Baker set out to make a full length feature film for the sum of $1000. He failed miserably. His budget ballooned up to $4000, (he forgot he had to feed cast and crew), but when the dust finally settled he had completed THE GAS CAFE, a 90 minute DV feature. Along the way he set up a website, shot behind the scenes footage (for a documentary), and made the movie that he wanted to. In 2002 Kelley sent 100 letters to 100 Friends asking for $100 to fund Kicking Bird. He raised $5000 and shot for 18 days. In this workshop Kelley will walk participants through the entire process from scripting through post production. How to get the most for very limited resources, asking the right questions to get free stuff, and working in an atmosphere where people share your vision and put in very long hours for no money, and enjoy it!

KICKING BIRD (2004) is the story of Martin "Bird" Johnson, a 17 year old white trash high school kid who runs. With his Mother in jail, his father gone, one brother in a work camp and his bitter grandfather beating him, there is nothing else to do but run! One day the manipulative high school cross country Coach sees Martin out run his entire team and figures that Martin may be his ticket to a college coaching position. On a budget of $6000 and an 18 day shooting schedule this movie was shot in digital video.

Guerilla Marketing and Self Distribution of Your Film
Independent filmmaking is alive and well, it's independent distribution that is dead. At a time when "independent" films have to have a star and at least a five million dollar budget, how do you get your films seen? Forget Sundance, Miramax, and PBS. These places get hundreds of submissions a year. From wooden nickels and websites, to press kits and reviews Kelley walks you though different ways to get an audience to turn out for your screenings. He challenges you to assess the real market for your film and provides examples of other filmmakers getting their work out, after their films were turned down by traditional distributors. You've already made the thing, what good is it doing sitting on your shelf?

BIRDDOG (1999) tells the story of Harv Beckman, a used car salesman in a trashy part of town who accidentally comes in to possession of a rare 1948 Kaiser automobile, which leads to some disturbing revelations about the facts behind the 1948 Vanport, Oregon flood which destroyed an entire city. Portland, Oregon is the backdrop of this film that explores racism, greed, and class in a very corrupt city. Throw in the local Kiwanis Club and you have a very odd unpredictable film. One critic referred to Kelley's style as "Bruce Springsteen meets David Lynch". This film opened the 2000 Sao Paulo Film Festival in Brazil.


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