Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is up with Seattle?

I just got back from doing a work shop and a screening in Seattle and boy am I pissed! Who do those people think they are up there? I tried getting some one to write about the screening and

I pretty much got nothing! A mention in a calendar or two! I sent emails with material a couple weeks ahead of time and only one writer contacted me and that was just to get a bit more information so it could be listed as a weekend event!

Now maybe it is because I am from Portland, but the Seattle media and the film groups in general have this feeling that they are superior or something! Well I have seen your work and you're not! The Seattle Film Festival is just okay. It is not that great. And like so many film festivals they just show Sundance retreads! That is really edgy...

I did a Sound Design Work shop at 911 Media Arts, which is a great space run by really terrific people. Apparently they even got on the phone and let people know individually that I was coming to town to do a work shop. And still the turn out was tiny! Trust me, the crap I have seen come out of Seattle could use some instruction in Sound! And where was the local IFP? I contacted them and gave them information, I heard nothing from any one in that group!

It must be nice to have so many talented and skilled film and video makers in Seattle who know everything! I am sure they couldn't have learned anything from some guy from Portland!

And someone needs to tell Washington Drivers that the left lane on the Freeway is for PASSING! It's always cars with Washington Plates that tie up the left lane for miles, driving exactly the speed limit! If there are a bunch of cars behind you, GET THE FUCK OVER TO THE RIGHT LANE! It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure that one out!
I fucking hate Seattle!!!!

But since I have my own problems with self esteem and all, I'll probably go back for more abuse. I am my own worst enemy...


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