Thursday, April 12, 2007

Grand Rapids Apology!

Hey Everyone,

I need to apologize for cancelling the Sound Design Work Shop last night! It was snowing so hard and we were watching the news and seeing reports of accidents and people getting hurt that I thought it was best to cancel. We did send out emails letting people know. If you didn't get one and showed up at the Micro Cinema (and I have received emails that some people did), I am really sorry that we didn't get word to you.

In my defense, I am from Portland where we are wimps when it comes to snow. If we would have gotten a storm in Portland like the one that blew in yesterday, the whole city would have been paralyzed! I didn't realize that weather like this is business as usual for people out here. I apologize for being a "Winter Wimp".

I also hope no one did get hurt trying to get to the work shop.

We have re-scheduled the Sound Design Workshop for this Saturday at 3 PM. I do hope to see you then.

We are still screening BIRDDOG (7 PM) tonight and and Kicking Bird (8 PM) tomorrow night. I hope you will come out to see me.

GR Micro Cinema
470 Market SW
Grand Rapids, 49503



PS If you did try and get there yesterday you can call me a wimp. I can take it.


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