Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Film Festivals and Wrestlemania...

It has been a long few days. I was at the Open Apperature Film Festival in Appalachian State University last week. I was there Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The people who run the festival are great! it was wonderful to talk with them and hang out with them. I recommend this festival to students from all over. John, Eric and Scott showed me a great time and a lot of respect. I hope I returned it. I do have one comment for you guys. Promote your festival! I saw some great movies there, but the crowds at the screenings were very sparse. You need to get more butts in the seats! Tell people about this festival and get your local papers to write more about it. Keep working hard to put together a good festival. Work even harder to get people to turn out.

I liked a lot of the work I saw there, and I want to say to John and Eric... keep doing what you're doing. You guys are only getting better.

From Boone, NC to Charleston, WV. That was a trip. I dropped in to see my friends Danny (Professor Danger) and Bill, (Death falcon Zero). And what a treat they had lined up for me... In no time at all I found myself in Hooters watching Wrestlemania 23! This was a treat. We had to pay a $5 cover charge to get in and the place was packed. I felt good because within minutes I realized I was probably one of the thinnest guys in the place. In fact most of the women were bigger than I was. And these were hard core wrestling fans. They were in to every match and all of the lame ass comedy routines... (merely my opinion, but the comedy was really bad!). Throw in a Donald Trump Hair related match and I knew I had entered another dimension... I had a good time hanging out with my friends, but drinking over priced bad beer (one pitcher was flat or maybe Budweiser always tastes that way), and watching people eating deep fried food and scream for 4 hours was a little rough on me. I love you guys, but I might pass on the next Wrestlemania. I would rather go to one of your matches, I have more respect for you guys than any of the buffoons I saw on Sunday night, both on TV and in the bar.

I had to sit on I-91 for almost 4 hours on Tuesday. There was a fatal car accident. The Maryland DOT had us get off the freeway and take a detour. The detour was a joke! We would move a few feet every 10 minutes or so. The DOT was totally disorganized and it made the detour unbearable. Haven't those people ever had to close a freeway and deal with a wreck before! My condolences to those who were involved and to their loved ones. But you DOT people really have your heads up your asses. I was wondering if friends of the current administration are now running the place. It was all handled so poorly.

I just finished 2 guest lectures at Emerson College and the students were great! I am having a wonderful time so far except for one thing... Rob and I walked out of the building and it was snowing! It is April and rain and snow were coming down. I could see nothing about "Spring" happening in the Spring Quarter up here. I am suddenly missing the hot weather down south. I am freezing, get me out of here!

Take care everybody.




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