Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kelley's Book Info & Fall Tour

Hey Everybody,

The big news is that my book, The Angry Filmmaker's Survival Guide: Making The Extremely Low Budget Movie, should be coming out in time for the Fall Tour. I am putting the finishing touches on it right now.

Which reminds me, I NEED YOUR HELP!

If you know of any web sites that I should include in the Resources Section of the book would you please drop me a line. I am always on the lookout for web sites that are dedicated to helping Real Independent Filmmakers get their movies made! I have a pretty good sized list right now. I am not looking at Distribution or Marketing sites. I will include those in my next book, Tales From The Road: Self-Distribution and Marketing.

If you know any good web sites that assist in the making of Independent movies please send me a link so I can check it out and hopefully include it in the book.

I am self-publishing the book, so if anybody wants to donate to help me pay for it, please go to my web site (www.angryfilmmaker.com), check out New/Current Projects, and click on Book.
You can make a donation thru PayPal. Thanks.

I also want to let you know that I am booking my Fall 07 Tour right now. It is going to be called The Angry Filmmaker's Grass Roots, Brass Knuckles Tour. (Thanks to Aaron Corpus for that title...)

The Tour is tentatively slated to start in early September at the DC Shorts Film Festival in Washington, DC, (September 13-20). This is a terrific film festival that just keeps getting better, check out www.dcshorts.com. If you are interested in booking me for September or October please let me know.

In mid-November I will be heading over to Europe to do a one month tour there. Countries will include Scotland, Ireland, England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. If you know of any venues in those countries that I should be checking out please drop me a line.

Thanks for putting up with me and we'll talk later.

Angrily yours,


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