Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random stuff including the Book

I got great response from people about other web sites that can help filmmakers get their movie made. I want to thank every one for that. I know there is no way I can include all web sites out there but at least I can give people some places to start looking.

The work on the book goes slow. I am trying to do my own editing, with the help of a friend. I am pretty happy about how it is coming together, but the real test will be when it is done and out there.

I am still in need of donations to get this thing going. If you can spare any cash at all please go to the new/current projects page and send a donation to the book. $10, $25, $100, it all helps.
I was in Seattle last week and as much as I dislike the place I did a couple of good work shops at the Seattle Film Institute. It is a nifty little film school and I was impressed with how sharp most of the students were. Although a few of them fell a sleep during my talk... Luckily I don't take that stuff personally.

I got to hang out the first night in town with my pal Sherry Mills who is the Executive Director of Reel Women in Austin Texas. She was up there at the Seattle Film Festival where her film "Natalie at Five O'clock" was showing. It was also showing at the Vancouver Film Festival. (Be sure and check out Reel Women, (www.reelwomen.org), they do good stuff.) We had a great meal prepared be friends of hers.

I also got to see John de Graf, a longtime documentary filmmaking buddy. He has made around 40 films, most of which have aired on PBS. I love his work. He is so much more talented than Ken Burns, but Ken gets all the money and publicity. Stick to your guns John, your work speaks for itself... You can check out John's work at Bullfrog films (www.bullfrogfilms.com).

Oh yeah, and thanks Tim for letting me crash on your couch and buying sushi on Wednesday. It was great to hang with you as always...

Okay, back to work. I still have a book to edit and a couple of tours to book.



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