Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Angry Filmmaker Workbooks Available Now...

Hey Everybody,

Did you know that there are three different types of microphones? The easiest way to tell an amateur or student film is to look at the cast. Why should you light an entire scene before you start shooting? What's the best way to organize your bins when you start editing?

Making a feature is like standing in front of a freight train moving at 90 miles an hour. Everything moves fast and you have to make 27 decisions a minute. What if you forget something? Or worse yet what if a cast or crew person forgets something? Now what?

Well, have no fear! I have just completed 3 Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Work Books to guide you through the whole filmmaking process:

50 Things You Better Know About Pre-Production,

38 Things You Better Know About Production, and

40 Things You Better Know About Post-Production Before You Embarrass Yourself, Your Family, and Everyone You Know While Making Your First Feature.

Are these things any good you ask?

"These workbooks are filled with useful, practical tips that anyone making a film should know. I found myself circling things and marking pages so I could remember them when production starts on my next feature."
Chris Hansen, writer and director of "The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah." And "Clean Freak"

Finally, a practical reference guide to help you through the different stages of making a film. I have been there many times and I sure wish I had something like this when I was forgetting things.

And these books are reasonably priced at just $10 each with $3 shipping and handling. Or you can get all 3 for $25 and that very same $3 S&H. They are available at

Coming soon: It's the Dialog Stupid! 47 Things You Better Know About Sound Before Attempting Your First Feature.

Check it out! I am now consulting on both feature and documentary films. Go to for more information.

Remember, making a movie is a big deal, treat it like one!

Talk later.



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