Sunday, July 12, 2009

John Sayles, the library & other stuff...

July 12, 2009

“If you're a PA, and you're fresh out of school, and this is one of your first gigs, let me give you some advice: the director doesn't give a shit about your opinion!”
From The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide

It's harsh, but true. When we were making Birddog, there was a PA who asked me why I was doing a particular shot from a particular angle. It didn't really look that good to her. As politely as I could, I told her that her input was not needed, especially since this was her first day on the shoot and we had been shooting for two weeks. I tried to remind her what her role was, what mine was, and she needed to take care of her job, and let me do mine. Then I spoke to the AD and said to keep her the hell away from me! Trust me, you have enough on your mind, and unsolicited input from a young PA isn't what you need.

And speaking of books…

Please ask your local libraries to purchase my book.

On most library websites there is a place to suggest books for purchase. Or just send an email.

Here is the information they will need:
The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide: Making the Extreme No Budget Film
ISBN #: 1-4392-3273-3
Author: Kelley Baker

When asked for the publisher direct them to my website:
(The publisher is BookSurge but I make more money if they buy from me...)

Thank you!

On Saturday, August 29, 10am I am going to be at the The Rappahannock Independent Film Festival teaching a workshop. If you’re in the area drop on by. Check it out at

I am in the midst of re-watching some old John Sayles movies (Return of The Secaucus Seven, The Brother From Another Planet, and Matewan), and I am still blown away by his writing. Some of the acting is a little rough, but the stories are so good. I can’t get enough of him. Whether his films are good or not so good, they are always worth watching. I always learn something about story telling from him. Go back and check out some of his older work, most of the films hold up surprisingly well.

Don’t forget to check out the review of my Sound Design Workshop DVD at While you’re there check out some of the articles. It’s a great site.

On to other stuff.

If you want Moses and I to come to your college, university, media art center, high school, theater or even to your house for dinner this Fall send me a note,

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Talk later.


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