Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm back....

I am back in Portland! I arrived late Thursday Night (almost Friday morning), the 10th of November. The toughest part of the drive in the last two months was driving from San Francisco to Portland, and the worst part of that was the weather in the Siskiyous. It was dark, and foggy. I ended up finding a well lit semi truck and followed him thru the mountains until we finally got out of the fog. Way too intense for as tired as I was...

The tour worked out great! I had some great screenings, some good audiences, and I have gotten a lot of feedback from both students and instructors. I need to do this more often. So I will.

I want to thank all of the venues that hosted me, and all of the people who came out to see me. I sold quite a few DVD's and my work is also available in a lot of independent video stores around the country.

I want to say a special thanks to all of my friends (old and new), who put me up while I was on the road. I had a lot of nice places to sleep, and some great meals. I actually only had to spend 4 nights in cheap road side motels, not bad for two months.

I am currently trying to put together a European itinerary for late January/early February. I am contacting places as we speak.

I am also planning the Spring Tour, which will start in March and go through Memorial Day. If you're interested in booking me please let me know ASAP as I want to start booking the tour.

I'll write more extensively on the last tour in future installments. I just need to get a bit of rest, and try and get parts of my life back together.