Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Re: Check out Filmmaker Magazine

Hey Everybody,

Check out the new issue of Filmmaker magazine! (The Fall 2006 issue). They just published my piece, "Why Does Independent Film Sound Suck?" It's on Page 122.

It should be required reading for all young filmmakers, and even some old ones.

The Fall Issue is on news stands now. You can also go to their web site www.filmmakermagazine.com/fall2006/ and subscribe.

The Fall Tour is almost over, I am at UC Santa Barbara tomorrow, (Wednesday Nov 8th), and then it is up to San Francisco to Film Arts Foundation for my work shop, "Making The Extremely Low Budget Feature" on Nov 12th. Then Moses and I turn the van due north and head home.

I will be booking the Spring Tour starting right after Thanksgiving, so I'll be in touch.

Thanks for everyone's continued support, this Angry Filmmaker appreciates it.



Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Fall Tour is Winding Down...

November 1, 2006

The Fall Tour is almost over! It has been a long couple months and I think I am looking a bit worse for the wear and tear.

The good news is that the tour has been very successful. I have had some good screenings, and I have been doing lots of work shops. I am getting so many students asking me questions and wanting to do things out side of the main stream, and the so called "Hollywood Independent" scene. Most of the people who come to my shows are hip to the bull shit of the so called "Indie" film scene. They realize that Hollywood and New York has jumped on to the word and uses it merely as a marketing tool.

I have been at some great schools this tour, and as usual Indie Memphis was a blast! If you ever find your self in Memphis during the Indie Memphis Film Festival you have to go! They put on a great festival, and it is so obvious that they love movies! My hat is off to Les and Emily and EVERYONE ELSE who works on that Fest. You all do a great job! I hope to see you all next year!

I am also running in to more and more film students who think they know it all. I think it is great when they roll their eyes at what I have to say. They are too smart, they would never make any mistakes. They are all going to be at Sundance real soon getting the audience prize and a 3 picture deal! Go ahead, roll your eyes! You really have no fuckin clue how this all works! Most of you will be lucky to be PA's on commercials! Remember, you heard it here first... Sundance doesn't want you or your movies! Unless you have something with big Stars in it! That's all they want!

Don't believe me? While on the road, I ran in to a few Producers with established track records (and family money), it seems that more than a few of them are doing private screenings of the rough cuts of their movies for the Sundance Judges. And you fools are sending in your movies with your entry fee thinking you have a chance... Maybe you do. Maybe you will be one of the token movies Sundance selects so they can still call themselves an "Independent" Film Festival with a straight face.

Don't believe the hype. Unless you smug film students have parents with lots of money and a way to buy your way in to a big festival, you're going to be doing something else in a few years while guys like me keep making the movies that I believe in and hitting the road to find my audience.

Boy, this entry to my blog certainly changed in attitude didn't it? I am tired and that's what 11,000 miles and a lot of work shops and screenings will do to you. I need to get some sleep.

Talk later.