Monday, September 25, 2006

Hanging out with Professor Danger

It's been a while since I wrote and I apologize. I am out on tour and so far it is going okay. Before I left my lap top died so I am computerless. I have been using friends computers to catch up on email when I can.

Moses, (my dog), and I left Portland almost 2 weeks ago. It took us 4 and 1/2 days to drive cross country. We stayed with friends for two nights, and slept in WalMart parking lots for 2. I got to tell you, WalMart camping is kind of fun. Most people are in their big motor homes and campers. There are also lots of semi trucks. There in the back ground is my mini van. My buddy Richard and I built a platform in my van so I can sleep back there and still have lots of storage. Thanks Richard, it is working great!

I got to Baltimore last Sunday afternoon and judged a 48 hour film contest that night. There were some good movies, but my question is... Is there any Fake Blood left in Baltimore after that weekend? Lots of violent films. Personally I think there are a few guys in Baltimore that desperately need a date, or at least just a conversation with some women. You guys are getting a bit desperate!

All kidding aside, there were some really good movies. Congratulations to all those who participated! Making a movie is tough enough, making one in 48 hours is crazy! A good time seemed to be had by all.

My work shops and screenings went well. I got lots of good questions from the students at UMBC, Towson, and Villa Julie. My Sound Design Work shop went over well at Creative Alliance, (thanks Kristin, and every one else at CA who always makes me feel at home). The Hamilton Arts screening was fun, and great Mexican food afterwards. It's always fun to hang with those guys. You should check out both Creative Alliance, (www.creativealliance.ore), and Hamilton Arts Collective ( Good people doing interesting stuff.

Today I am in Charleston, WV getting ready to do some teaching and screenings at WVSU. I am hanging out with Professor Danger, (the Professional Wrestler), who is a good friend. Check him out at

Moses is doing well. He gets to walk and sniff at new places all over the country. He's also meeting dogs from everywhere. He's a good traveller.

By the way, Indie Film Nation did an interview with me! Go to their site and check it out. (www.indiefilmnation/ I am in Episode 57, which is not to be confused with Star Wars Episode 57! Because we all know George Lucas is a greedy fellow and would do an episode 57 if he thought people would buy it...

I need to go now. Talk later.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Houston we have a problem...

For all of you that are trying to use the link I put up on my blog to read my Independent Filmmaker's Alliance interview, apparently we have a messed up link here.

Just cut and paste the link and it should work fine.

One more time it is,

Sorry about the hassle.