Monday, April 16, 2007

Wine Tasting & Short Films in Chicago...

Saturday, April 21 6-8pm
House Red in Forest Park welcomes celebrated Independent Filmmaker Kelley Baker for his return to Chicago on his 2007 Spring tour.

Kelley Baker, known as the “Angry Filmmaker” was the sound designer on 6 of Gus Van Sant’s features, including “My Own Private Idaho", Good Will Hunting, To Die For starring Nicole Kidman and "Finding Forrester” starring Sean Connery. He also designed the sound on Todd Haynes feature film, Far From Heaven , with Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore.

He has written and directed three independent features, as well as numerous short films and documentaries. Kelley's short films have aired on PBS, The Learning Channel, Canadian and Australian television. His films have been shown at Film Festivals like London, Sydney, Annecy and Edinburgh.

The Last time Kelley visited Chicago in fall of 2005 he screened his then latest independent feature "Kicking Bird" at the Lake Theater in Oak Park. While in Chicago Kelley will be lecturing at Columbia and DePaul Colleges. Kelley will be at House Red for a showing of a selection of his short films and will be available to answer questions.

For anyone interested in film or filmmaking this is a rare informal public appearance and a chance to ask questions about the filmmaking process.

Appetizers will be provided and...Of course, there is also wine tasting!!!

There is a $10 charge for this event.
RSVP for this Event by emailing

House Red
7403 W Madison Street
Forest Park, Illinois 60130

Web Links for Kelley Baker:

Friday, April 13, 2007

Help me have a "Cool New Video on My Space"

I want to thank Sharon who responded to my plea for information...

Please go to the main MySpace page, Under Cool New Videos click on the number of uploaded videos

That will take you to the "featured video" page. At the bottom of the page there is a link that says, "Do you know of a video we should feature? Send us a link."

The link for Stolen Toyota is...

I would appreciate it if any of you out there would paste the link in and let's see if Stolen Toyota can become a "Cool New Video".

Any help is always appreciated.



Hey! I need some help here...

How does one get their videos posted as "cool new videos", on MySpace, and become featured videos on YouTube? Do we have to bribe Tom? The guys at Google? What does it take?

I have my film Stolen Toyota posted and it is quite funny. It has been screened thru out the world on television and at Film Festivals. I would love to have more people see it and to drive more traffic to my site.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

Take a minute (or 7) and look at the movie.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks all.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Grand Rapids Apology!

Hey Everyone,

I need to apologize for cancelling the Sound Design Work Shop last night! It was snowing so hard and we were watching the news and seeing reports of accidents and people getting hurt that I thought it was best to cancel. We did send out emails letting people know. If you didn't get one and showed up at the Micro Cinema (and I have received emails that some people did), I am really sorry that we didn't get word to you.

In my defense, I am from Portland where we are wimps when it comes to snow. If we would have gotten a storm in Portland like the one that blew in yesterday, the whole city would have been paralyzed! I didn't realize that weather like this is business as usual for people out here. I apologize for being a "Winter Wimp".

I also hope no one did get hurt trying to get to the work shop.

We have re-scheduled the Sound Design Workshop for this Saturday at 3 PM. I do hope to see you then.

We are still screening BIRDDOG (7 PM) tonight and and Kicking Bird (8 PM) tomorrow night. I hope you will come out to see me.

GR Micro Cinema
470 Market SW
Grand Rapids, 49503



PS If you did try and get there yesterday you can call me a wimp. I can take it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It is snowing!!! Where the hell is Spring?

April 11, 2007

It is snowing! I am in grand Rapids, MI and a storm has hit. Winds in the 30 mph range and the snow keeps falling. Whose idea was this Spring Tour anyway?

I did a guest lecture at Grand Valley State University , to help promote my shows tonight at the GR Micro Cinema. ( But now with the storm we have cancelled the work shop for tonight. I am hopeful that the screenings we have planned for Thursday and Friday nights will go on as scheduled. I am not happy, but what can I do?

And people I know back in Oregon are telling me how nice and warm it is there... Great!

I looked at the van last night and noticed all the salt all over it. I am going to need to spray it all off as soon as I can. I don't want any body rot...

I just did something really stupid a couple days ago... I told some friends of mine that I had seen earlier on this tour that I had never tasted moonshine. To my knowledge we don't have anything like it in Oregon, and if we do I wouldn't know where to get any... These friends got me a small jar and gave it to me before I left. I put it in the van and forgot all about it. Until I was driving thru Canada...

I went thru Canada as a short cut between Massachusetts and Michigan. That's all I would need, getting stopped at the border and having the US Border patrol find the moonshine. What the hell was I thinking? I ran all sorts of wonderful scenarios in my head (I am a writer don't ya know). Could I say it was Film Cleaner? A gasoline additive (probably true...)? Should I just fess up? I started thinking about scenes from Midnight Express. Knowing my luck when I got to the border I would start sweating profusely...

The good news is that I didn't get stopped at all. I answered a few questions and was soon on my way. And the moonshine? I am getting rid of it. Slowly...

So goes life on the road....

I am hoping that the weather starts getting better soon. Hey Al! Where is the Global Warming you have been talking about? Can you send a little to Grand Rapids? Just for a couple days? Please?

I am freezing and will talk to you all later.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

New Web Pages & Articles...

Hey Everybody,

People keep asking me what I am working on these days so... I have added a couple new pages to my web site. Now you can find out more about my current projects, and you can also donate to them should you so desire. I wish I was a real non-profit so that you could get a tax deduction on your donation, (in the last few years I certainly haven't seen any profits and that has to count for something...), but I am not, according to the IRS. (

If you believe in what I am doing and want to help out, (with the cost of gas constantly rising and keeping Moses in dog food... ) your donations will be gladly accepted. You can donate to a specific project, or to The Angry Filmmaker in general. And it all goes thru Pay Pal so there is no risk, not that I know of anyway...

Thanks to all who have supported me so far!

The trip is going well. (Except for the snow and the cold temperatures! It's supposed to be Spring isn't it?) I am getting good audiences and great questions. I have just added 3 nights at the GR Micro Cinema (470 Market SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503) April 11 - 13th. I will be teaching a Sound Design Work Shop and screening BIRDDOG & Kicking Bird. Check out for times.

Paul Hood at Pennlive just did an online article about me you can check that out at Paul is a terrific writer and an all around good guy.

I also want to thank Filmmaker Magazine for their support and their latest blog about me, I kind of like being referred to as a "force of nature"...

Please tell your friends to visit my web site and don't forget to check out the Angry Filmmaker merchandise!

That's all for now. Look out Grand Rapids, Bowling Green, and Chicago, cause here I come!



Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Film Festivals and Wrestlemania...

It has been a long few days. I was at the Open Apperature Film Festival in Appalachian State University last week. I was there Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The people who run the festival are great! it was wonderful to talk with them and hang out with them. I recommend this festival to students from all over. John, Eric and Scott showed me a great time and a lot of respect. I hope I returned it. I do have one comment for you guys. Promote your festival! I saw some great movies there, but the crowds at the screenings were very sparse. You need to get more butts in the seats! Tell people about this festival and get your local papers to write more about it. Keep working hard to put together a good festival. Work even harder to get people to turn out.

I liked a lot of the work I saw there, and I want to say to John and Eric... keep doing what you're doing. You guys are only getting better.

From Boone, NC to Charleston, WV. That was a trip. I dropped in to see my friends Danny (Professor Danger) and Bill, (Death falcon Zero). And what a treat they had lined up for me... In no time at all I found myself in Hooters watching Wrestlemania 23! This was a treat. We had to pay a $5 cover charge to get in and the place was packed. I felt good because within minutes I realized I was probably one of the thinnest guys in the place. In fact most of the women were bigger than I was. And these were hard core wrestling fans. They were in to every match and all of the lame ass comedy routines... (merely my opinion, but the comedy was really bad!). Throw in a Donald Trump Hair related match and I knew I had entered another dimension... I had a good time hanging out with my friends, but drinking over priced bad beer (one pitcher was flat or maybe Budweiser always tastes that way), and watching people eating deep fried food and scream for 4 hours was a little rough on me. I love you guys, but I might pass on the next Wrestlemania. I would rather go to one of your matches, I have more respect for you guys than any of the buffoons I saw on Sunday night, both on TV and in the bar.

I had to sit on I-91 for almost 4 hours on Tuesday. There was a fatal car accident. The Maryland DOT had us get off the freeway and take a detour. The detour was a joke! We would move a few feet every 10 minutes or so. The DOT was totally disorganized and it made the detour unbearable. Haven't those people ever had to close a freeway and deal with a wreck before! My condolences to those who were involved and to their loved ones. But you DOT people really have your heads up your asses. I was wondering if friends of the current administration are now running the place. It was all handled so poorly.

I just finished 2 guest lectures at Emerson College and the students were great! I am having a wonderful time so far except for one thing... Rob and I walked out of the building and it was snowing! It is April and rain and snow were coming down. I could see nothing about "Spring" happening in the Spring Quarter up here. I am suddenly missing the hot weather down south. I am freezing, get me out of here!

Take care everybody.