Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The New Tour & a rant...

January 9, 2006

We made it! A new year. And guess what? I'm still ANGRY! You gotta love consistency...

So what's up? I have named the new tour for 2006. It is...

The Angry Filmmaker's "Frankly Hollywood, I don't give a damn!" Tour 2006.

I want to thank all of those people who helped me come up with names, and those who helped me decide.

Now on to more important stuff. I am heading to the UK in February. So far I have booked gigs at the MacRobert Art Centre in Stirling, Scotland, (Feb 21-23) and Calendar House in Fallkirk, Scotland (Feb 24). I'm waiting to hear back from a some other folks so I will be announcing a lot more UK dates shortly.

I am also booking the Spring US Tour and those dates will start going up as well.

I am going to fix my web site so that I can add dates and places under the tour schedule portion. So let me get my act together on that and we'll all feel better.

I also just received an email from some one who wanted screenplay advice. The email was about 3 sentences long, and started Dear Sir/Madam. Apparently I pissed this woman off because I spent almost as much time writing my response as she did writing her query.

I told her to do a little research before she sends out notes like that. Know who you're writing to. She wrote back and called me an "azz" and said my response was rude. She said she should have known that, from the name of my website and my attitude, and thanks for nothing! Listen up lady! If you want a response to a legitimate question, then do your fuckin home work! Who am I and why should I help? At least read my site enough to know my damn name!

She also said she had sent a lot of queries out and that no one had even responded. If that's the case, look at your email. It doesn't look like you spent any time at all researching who you were sending it to. Do you really think that people like us are just sitting around waiting for you to ask us questions? Guess what? I'm busy. So are a lot of my colleagues. This is what a lot of us do for work. We write, and make movies.

I do answer questions when I have time, and when it is obvious that YOU have taken the time to find out who I am, and you ask an appropriate question. Am I asking too much?

And yes, please, post a message on whatever site you got my web address from telling every one I'm an "azz", (please learn how to swear...). That way I won't have to deal with people who don't do their home work before contacting me. I am open to legitimate questions and comments. I just want to know that you have tried to find out a bit about me before you send me your mass email!

And I am not just picking on her either. When I had my studio I can't tell you how many people would send letters wondering about employment, that said "Dear Sir/Madam", how great they were, and their resume. Then they would expect me to call them... How much time does it take to make a phone call or send a note asking if a company is hiring, and who is in charge of hiring? Asking for correct spelling and gender never hurts either... I would never walk in to a job interview with out knowing about a company and having a good idea if it is a place I'd like to work at...

Sorry for the tangent. I guess I'M JUST AN ASSHOLE!

I'll write again when I've cooled off. Later.