Monday, May 22, 2006

What month is it?

The tour is starting to wind down. I have one more big gig coming up in Harrisburg, PA this weekend. It's a great Film Festival as part of the ARTSFEST here. It's a festival put on by people who really love movies. The admission is free to most events, and they get good crowds. I have been here before and I am hoping for the best, that means DVD sales...

The weather has been cold and rainy, you know I could have stayed in Oregon and gotten cold and rainy. I didn't have to drive all over the country for bad weather.

And speaking of driving...

I must say that I have finally figured out this whole gas crisis stuff. Have you noticed that the prices are going down again. It's because I am getting off the road soon. They only raise the gas prices when I go out on tour. It has nothing to do with that Fat Exxon's Bastards pension and retirement. They raised the prices when I did last Fall's tour, and they waited to do it again for the Spring. No conspiracies, no nothing. The Oil Company people and our government (the ex oil industry guys), all they care about is the good of the people. They don't really want to raise the oil prices, they don't really want to make BILLIONS of dollars profit. It's just me hitting the road. That's all. So we can stop the hearings and the name calling. I'm going home soon and the prices will get back to normal. It's all my fault and I'll take the blame for the price hikes.

I will say one thing though. Next week, don't even try calling me. I am turning off my phone, ignoring email and getting home to my kid. Moses and I are beat, but we've had a pretty good time.

Like Saturday Night in Baltimore. After my screening at the Hamilton Arts Collective (check these folks out, they're great ), naturally it was late and I got lost heading back to Creative Alliance where I was staying. I took a few wrong turns, it was dark. I got in to a couple of neighborhoods where I saw these blue flashing lights on the telephone poles. I thought great, those lights are tipping me off to the fact that the Baltimore Police have cameras at intersections, probably so people won't run red lights. WRONG!

I was told that those lights are set up in neighborhoods where there is lots of drugs and crime, and the police are watching these areas, for CRIME! I just want the Baltimore Police to know, that the Van with the Oregon license plates and the roof rack was LOST! I wasn't trying to score, even though I was going up and down those streets many times. I was just trying to find the right street to get me back home. HONEST! I don't want to end up on a COPS episode. I was sober, and my shirt was on. I was just lost.

Ah, life on the road. Not just a job, an adventure. I did wonder why Moses was staring out the windows the whole time we were driving. he seemed on edge. Even he probably knew about the blue lights. At least I can honestly say, I didn't run any stop lights that night...

Talk later.



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