Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Rest

Back at it...

Scotland was great! I did a work shop in Falkirk after I left Stirling and I had 30 eager people asking tons of questions. London was not so good. I met and stayed with a terrific filmmaker, Chris Thomas. He's a friend of a friend. A talented guy, I saw some of his work and it blew me away.

I was trying to put together 2 guest lectures and a screening at a place called SAE, and Thames Valley University. The TVU thing fell apart when the Instructor who was bringing me there got sick. I was disappointed, but understood. Apparently he got quite sick. I'll be back there next time. The SAE thing on the other hand was kind of weird... They are a chain, and what they wanted to pay me was pathetic, especially when one considers what they want me to do, they wanted both a work shop and a screening for less than half of what I would charge for just one thing. Also, no lodging, travel expenses, or meals. When I suggested a compromise I was told my expectations were too high, and eventually things didn't work out. MY EXPECTATIONS WERE TOO HIGH!!! This is the film business. You people are charging your students a bunch of money and you don't want to pay a few bucks for an industry professional to come in and talk to your students! Man, if I was paying tuition there and found out how little you were willing to pay to have guest lecturers come in I would really question what my tuition was going for... I think the students might not be getting the best deal, just my opinion. I probably won't be speaking at any SAE College any time soon. If there are any SAE folks out there please let me know if your program is any good. I'm just wondering. And if you tell me I'm full of shit, I'll post your email and admit I might be wrong.

I got back from Scotland and landed straight in to Real Estate Hell! I won't bore you all with the details, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

So know I'm back in Texas...

I took off for the Spring Tour last week, drove 1400 miles in two days and was 15 minutes late to my first lecture at Scottsdale Community College. I was doing great until I hit a traffic jam just a few miles from the campus. Scottsdale was great, as were the students and faculty.

I slept for 4 hours, then Moses (my dog) and I drove 19 hours to get to Houston to do an all day Sound Design Work shop for the folks at SWAMP. I slept another 4 hours and then lectured all day. Ouch! It was good. I think every body got a lot out of it. I slept about 11 hours that night. 19 hours driving was too much. I got stopped once by the Texas State Police, but was just given a written warning. Like I needed that.

I need to run, but I am going to write more tomorrow and post again soon.

I am on Tour and I will put up my schedule so far...



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