Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stirling Scotland

This is my last night in Stirling at the Macrobert Atrs Centre. Let me be blunt! The audiences have been smaller than I had hoped, but they have made up for that with their questions and enthusiasm. I'm sold some DVD's, and had 4 screenings here. All of my movies have been shown, Kicking Bird, Birddog, The Gas Cafe, all of my short films, and even Criminal Justice! The Scottish audiences have been great. They have made me feel at home and they have truly understood what I have been doing in my movies. The Gas Cafe screening was a lot of fun. I got great questions, and laughs in place where American never laugh...

The two work shops I taught went over well. These young filmmakers had so many questions, and they were good ones too. I am hoping that great things start coming out of Scotland!

I also need to thank Douglas MacDougall for showing me around. He is a First Class Sound Designer and Editor, and a nice guy. He introduced me to the guys at a post sound company called Savalas. I think you are going to be hearing more about Douglas and these Savalas guys in the future. They know what they're doing when it comes to creative sound. And they're pretty damn funny guys as well.

So now all of you guys in Scotland don't need to go to London, you got these guys.

I am heading down to Falkirk tomorrow and then London on Sunday.

Here's what I have learned so far... The beer is cold, and the people are warm.

Forgive the spelling errors, I gotta go. Talk later.


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