Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've been meaning to tell you all...

June 13th

I am home. The drive back from Harrisburg was long, and fairly uneventful. Now I am home and starting to book the Fall and Winter tours. God help us!

There was something I keep forgetting to rant about. This one might get me in trouble, but...

We all know that Laura Bush is supposed to be a smoker, and who can blame her. My friends down in Texas have said that Laura smoking is pretty common knowledge, it's just that the White House handlers keep the press away. Or the press doesn't have the balls to write anything about it. (Laura has been described as a smoker of OPCs. Other People's Cigarettes).

When I was in Scotland, I was having dinner with some friends, and my friends wife works for the Hotel that hosted the G8 leaders for their summit. She has always described herself as "apolitical". She really isn't interested in politics. That's her choice, that's fine by me.

I did ask her though, if she met up with any of the G8 leaders and what were any of them like. She told me that she had dealings with most of them and a lot of their "people" as part of her job. She told me that her two favorite leaders, and the nicest ones to her and the rest of the staff at the Hotel, were Jacques Chirac of France, and our own George W. Bush. Both nice guys who seemed genuine. The thing she remembers about W is that he was always looking for an ash tray! An ash tray? Yes, an ash tray. According to her, he is quite the smoker, but only when the media is far away. I guess it would look bad for our President if people were to find out that he smokes!

If his handlers are that concerned about his image that they won't even let the guy smoke in public, (and with all of the problems in the world who can blame him for wanting a smoke...) can you imagine what else we don't know about. He is famous for giving up drinking, (and all of those drugs he supposedly never took in college and after - - yeah right like Clinton didn't inhale...), but has he really? Or is he knocking back a shot with his smoke. (I am thinking maybe a gin and tonic with his Winston, or a shot of Jack with his Marlboro, I certainly hope it is not a daiquiri with his Salem...) And do we really care if he does have a drink after a long day? Personally, I don't. I am just sick and tired of being manipulated by his handlers. I wonder if he is too?

So next time you look at that guy and reporters are actually asking him questions, or he's dealing with some other head of state, or maybe he is flying to Iraq, ask yourself, do you think he is thinking about how bad he wants a smoke? How he could sure use a drink? Cause I gotta tell you, after what he's done to all of us, I could use a drink and a smoke as well.

And remember, this is just what I was told, by folks who have said they witnessed the smoking. Like I said before, personally I could care less that he does it. I care that the people in Washington are all such liars and manipulators, and I think that goes right down from the White House, to the Senate, the House, the Washington Press, Fox News, Lobbyists, those Entertainers on Talk Radio (cause they sure aren't journalists..), and yes, even the Supreme Court, because where there are lawyers, you can usually find liars.

Angrily yours,



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