Monday, January 14, 2008

An Amazing Woman/AF Tip of the Day

I went to a Memorial over the weekend for my best friend's Mother. She passed away over the holidays. She was an amazing woman, and the memorial was perfect. She would have liked it a lot, and I have a feeling that she was there. I got up and spoke which was an honor for me as she was a great influence on my life and my work. This is an excerpt of what I said on Saturday.

"The one thing I will always remember about Jean is when I moved back to Portland from LA, where I had gone to school.

I wanted to make a documentary on the criminal justice system and I was telling Pete about it. He said I should talk to his Mom because she was running some foundation with lots of money! "Maybe she'll give you some."

She did something better. She sat down with me and we went through the Oregon Guide to Foundations book and she told me which foundations to apply to, how much to ask for, and more importantly, how to write the letter.

She didn't give me any money that day, she didn't even talk about the foundation she worked for. But a couple of weeks later I received a check from the trust towards my film.

Jean always donated money to my movies, she told her friends and colleagues about my work, and she always came to the events that I was involved with.

She was one of my most faithful supporters, and I will miss her."

If there is a heaven, then for her it has lots of hiking trails and beautiful views. Take care Jean.

And now, the AF Tip of the Day.

There seems to be this myth that if you're not actually shooting, then you are not making your movie.

- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming 2008)


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