Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spring 08 Tour/AF Tip of the Day

It is time for me to book my Spring Tour. Moses and I am going to be on the road during March and April 2008 showing my films and teaching my subversive brand of filmmaking. In the last 5 years I have appeared at over 350 venues and we always have a great time.

My Spring route starts in California, I will be driving through the Southwest, Texas and the South to Florida, and then I work my way up the East Coast, hang a left at Massachusetts and drive back to the West Coast via the Northern states. I do it this way so that I can try to avoid foul weather, but it never really works out.

If you are interested in having me come to your college, university, media art center, art house theater, or even over to your house for dinner, contact me at angryfilminfo@aol.com. I already have some bookings but I can always use more.

Remember, my rates are reasonable, my workshops are fun and informative, and I have more hair the Dov Simmons. You can't beat a combination like that.

The workshops I will be offering on the tour are:

Making the Extreme Low Budget Feature - - In 2000 Kelley Baker set out to make a full length feature film for the sum of $1000. He failed miserably. His budget ballooned up to $4000, (he forgot he had to feed cast and crew), but when the dust finally settled he had completed THE GAS CAFE, a 90 minute DV feature. Along the way he set up a website, shot behind the scenes footage (for a documentary), and made the movie that he wanted to. What's wrong with this guy? In 2002 Kelley sent 100 letters to 100 Friends asking for $100 to fund Kicking Bird. He raised $5000 and shot for 18 days. Kelley is currently touring the country with Kicking Bird. In this workshop Kelley will walk participants through the entire process from scripting through post production. How to get the most for very limited resources, asking the right questions to get free stuff, and working in an atmosphere where people share your vision, put in very long hours for no money, and enjoy it!

Guerilla Marketing and Self Distribution of Your Film - - Independent filmmaking is alive and well, it's independent distribution that is dead. At a time when "independent" films have to have a star and at least a couple million dollar budget, how do you get your films seen? Forget Sundance, Miramax, and PBS. These places get hundreds of submissions a year. From wooden nickels to websites, to press kits and reviews Kelley Baker walks you though different ways to get an audience to turn out for your screenings. He challenges you to assess the real market for your film and provides examples of other filmmakers getting their work out, after their films were turned down by traditional distributors. You've already made the thing, what good is it doing sitting on your shelf?

Sound Design on Independent Features - - As the Sound Designer on Gus Van Sant's films, as well as animated features, network television specials and his own features, Kelley Baker has a unique approach to the Art of Sound Design. Whether you're working with a huge budget, or a non-existent one, sound is the one area of filmmaking that always gets little attention, until the very end. "We'll fix it in the mix..." is an often heard expression, but what does that mean? As a sound designer it usually means you're in trouble. There's never enough money or time to do sound right. So what do you do? Do you mix in digital? Dolby? How many formats are there and which one is going to give you the most options? Kelley will share his insights, and show you creative solutions to many sound problems. He'll also discuss what to do when you have no budget, and how to blow a lot of money when you do have it.

The Personal Documentary - - In 1992 Kelley Baker had his first child so he decided to make a fun little film about it. The result, YOU'LL CHANGE (3 min), has been seen all over the world. Not bad for a little movie shot on short ends for less than $1000. He has now made 8 personal short films which have won numerous awards in film festivals around the world. Kelley will discuss how he takes the little moments in his life and makes award winning films out of them for fun and profit.

I have yet to name this tour, past tours have included: The Angry Filmmaker's Pissed Off in America Tour, the Kicking & Screaming Tour, The IRS Tour, and last year's Grass Roots, Brass Knuckles Tour. Maybe we'll have a contest to name the tour…

So contact me already! What are you waiting for? angryfilminfo@aol.com

Check out the website for more info, www.angryfilmmaker.com.

Oh yeah, the AF Tip of the Day.

Every year there are probably 12,000 - 15,000 scripts registered with the Writers Guild. How many movies do you think are actually made from those 15,000 scripts?
- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming 2008)


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