Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscar Thoughts/Indie Spirit Awards/AF Tip of the Day

Where does the time go? I didn't even realize the Oscars were coming up. Not that I'll watch them, because I have no interest. People assume that I hate the Oscars, being the Angry Filmmaker and all. I have no problem with the Oscars (I have even watched them a couple of times over the years), I have no problem with Hollywood. Hollywood has never, ever been anything other than what it says it is. It is a commercial movie making town. Actually it is more like a factory town, and they make movies. It's not about art in Hollywood, and it never has been. It has always been about making money. I have no quarrels with that because Hollywood and the studios have always freely admitted that.

My problem lies the day before the Oscars in Santa Monica, CA. The Independent Spirit Awards! That's what I hate. A bunch of trust fund kids making movies for under 20 million dollars with big stars and calling themselves "Independent"! (Okay to be fair not all of them have trust funds, some of them are just the kids of rich people and probably get their money directly from mom and dad.) They usually put up a big tent on the beach and talk about what an alternative they are to Hollywood. They are all about real movie making and they are all "Independents". Kiss my ass!

The Independent Spirit Awards are a joke! I think it was Film Threat that looked in to the awards a couple years ago and found that all of the category winners were the most expensive movies in their category. I know they have a category for films made for under half a million dollars, but no one ever pays attention to those.

The whole charade of "Indie" movies is really tiresome. Those people that will gather under the tent on Saturday don't represent us, we are the "Real Independent Filmmakers", and they never will. Because what we do is not glamorous, we just make movies. Most of us are not in it for recognition, we do it because we have to. Lots of us struggle to survive and do what we do, yet we still do it.

I say, sit back and enjoy the Oscars on Sunday, I am hoping that Jon Stewart will be funny. On Saturday sit down and write, or edit, just do something that has to do with "Real Independent Filmmaking" and join me by ignoring what will be going on under that big tent in Santa Monica. Because that's not about what we do, and who we are.

And now, the AF Tip of the Day.

There's usually a set amount of hours you can work before you have to feed people. Even on independent films. It's around five hours.
- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming in 2008)


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I for one will be out shooting interviews all day Sunday!

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