Friday, February 08, 2008

Help Me Out/AF Tip of The Day

I could use a little help here...

I am asking everyone who reads me and checks out my web site to do me a favor. LINK to me! If you have a web site please put on a link to

If you have a blog, please tell people about me and give them my url. Ask them to link to me.

And if you don't have either a blog or a web site, how about sending an email to someone you know who might think that what I do is interesting. Talk about me.

I have no advertising budget! The only way I can get the word out is to have the people who read my blog or check out my web site tell their friends about it. This is word of mouth advertising at it's best. If you like what I am all about, please pass it on. That's all I am asking.

So please take a moment and link to me, or tell someone about me. It may or may not make you feel good about yourself. But I'll feel good knowing that people are spreading the word about the Angry Filmmaker.

Don't forget,

Thanks and I hope you all have a good weekend.


Here is your AF Tip of the Day.

Many a good story has been hurt by bad performances. And that's not always the fault of the actors.
- - from the Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming in 2008)


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